Dirty Dancing fame Jennifer Grey shot to fame after her role as ‘Baby’ Frances alongside Patrick Swayze in the movie. The actress was 26 when she shot the film, and soon after the film’s success in 1987, she had her nose job done.

Though she was beautiful, people would not stop commenting on her nose and wondering why she didn’t get a rhinoplasty done, just like her parents. Read further to know about her before-surgery look.

Jennifer Grey

Before the nose job

Before her rhinoplasty people would not stop criticizing her nose. She spoke about it in an interview with People Magazine, where she shared how everyone, even Andy Warhol, would wonder why Grey won’t get her nose done just like her Oscar-winning father, Joel Grey did.

Jennifer said, “There was only one thing [Warhol] said to me, about me. And it was like, ‘And, you know, I would look at Jennifer. I would wonder, you know, why was her… Um, her dad got a nose job. Why wouldn’t he make sure she had one too.”

“It’s like everywhere I went, I’d be like, ‘Wait. Excuse me. I’m a person with other features and other amazing characteristics. Why is everyone so hung up on the nose?” She added.

This is how she looked before she chose to get her surgery done.

Jennifer Grey bfore surgery

After the surgery

Jennifer underwent two nose jobs that altered her looks completely. The actress felt completely different and as a whole new person.

According to Grey, it was her mother’s suggestion to get a rhinoplasty done to make it easier for her to get cast in movies. When she did get them done, this is how she looked.

Jennifer Grey before and after her surgery

The actress recalls looking so different that when she made her first appearance after the surgery, at a premiere, her friend Michael Douglas failed to recognize her.

Jennifer’s view on her surgery

Jennifer is not so happy with her decision to go under the knife. The actress says she turned into a whole new person, erasing her true identity. Which also affected her career significantly.

She had always been anti-rhinoplasty, despite both her parents have got one.

“I really thought it was capitulating. I really thought it meant surrendering to the enemy camp. I just thought, ‘I’m good enough. I shouldn’t have to do this.’ That’s really what I felt. ‘I’m beautiful enough.” She said.

Jennifer Grey

She writes in ‘Out Of The Corner’ how she was shunned from Hollywood and spent so much time wondering where she went wrong. Only to realize later that she somehow “banished herself.”


The actress changed her face drastically with the two nose jobs she underwent and regrets them deeply. She was forever anti-surgeries but the pressure she was put under made her do it.

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