The Real Housewives of New Jersey is a spin-off show that navigates the lives of rich women who try to manage their high-profile lifestyles and their homes.

The show is true entertainment and a healthy dose of drama for all viewers. Anyone who watches it gets more than their daily fill of gossip.

Upcoming Twists in The Life Of a Housewife!

Just as the show’s reputation goes, there has to be new drama with every episode. The new change in the housewives’ lives is Jennifer Fessler’s glow-up.

Jen Fessler's new look

Yes, it looks like the reality show star has had a major glow-up after all the transformation procedures she underwent. She spoke all about it after her guest appearance on Tuesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

She spoke in detail about her cosmetic surgeries and her use of medications to help aid her weight loss. 

“I got a glow-up!” Fessler exclaimed to host Andy Cohen. “What am I on? Well, I did have a facelift. I did. Dr. Sam Rizk, baby, he’s the best. And a nose job!” she added, praising her doctor.

Jen About Her Weight-Loss

Further up, she detailed her weight-loss regimen: “Yeah, I don’t play, I don’t play. And I did lose a lot of weight. I took peptides and I don’t know if you’ve heard of medications associated with that that help people lose weight.”

Jen Fessler after the glow up

Cohen inquired as to whether she was using Ozempic, a drug that was initially prescribed to persons with diabetes to help control blood sugar but has recently gained attention for its ability to help people lose weight.

“Like, Ozempic?” Cohen inquired of Fessler.

You said it, I didn’t. But … whatever works, here I am,” she admitted. 

Fessler’s weight-loss tease comes a month after she claimed her doctor put her on Ozempic “without her knowledge” to treat symptoms of menopause. 

Jen Fessler Before and After

In a conversation, the reality star said, “I didn’t realize what he gave me. It’s like a bunch of different things, like estrogen pellets. He gave me a mix of peptides, but I found out it’s a form of Ozempic.”

Despite the weight-loss effects, Fessler said, “Listen, I got on it because I went to a doctor for menopause symptoms.” 


Jen Fessler, the reality TV star from RHONJ, has spoken about her glow-up. She has claimed of getting a natural facelift, a nose job, and also considerable weight loss. The star does look different and her new appearance is absolutely stunning.

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