Who is Hilary Duff married to?

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Hilary Duff is an American actress, singer, and entrepreneur who has been entertaining audiences for over two decades. Born on September 28, 1987, in Houston, Texas, Duff began her career as a child star, appearing in numerous television shows and films, including the hit Disney Channel series “Lizzie McGuire.” Since then, she has gone on to have a successful career in both acting and music, and remains one of the most beloved and influential celebrities of her generation.

One aspect of Duff’s life that has often been the subject of media attention is her romantic life, and in 2023, the question of whether she is married continues to be a topic of interest for many fans. So, let’s take a closer look at whether Hilary Duff is married in 2023.

Who Was Hilary Duff Married To?

Duff was previously married to former NHL player Mike Comrie from 2010 to 2016. The couple met in 2007 and got engaged in February 2010, and their son, Luca, was born in March 2012. Duff and Comrie were married in August 2010 and were together for several years before announcing their separation in 2014.

Since the split from Comrie, Duff has been in a relationship with musician Matthew Koma, and the couple welcomed their daughter, Banks, in October 2018. Duff and Koma got engaged in May 2019 and tied their knot in an intimate ceremony in their home in L.A.


As a public figure, Hilary Duff’s romantic life has been the subject of media attention for many years, and her fans and the public continue to be interested in knowing more about her personal life. Despite this, the actress has been known to keep her private life private, but after her marriage with Matthew Koma, the couple seemed ro be really happy and is often referred to as Hollywood’s one of the cutest couples.

In conclusion, as of 2023, Hilary Duff is married. While she was previously married to Mike Comrie, the couple has since separated, and Duff has been in a relationship with musician Matthew Koma for several years until they got married in 2019.Other than her relationship status, Duff continues to be a successful actress, singer, and entrepreneur, and her fans continue to love and appreciate her work.

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