Who is Hannah Brown dating?

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Hannah Brown and Adam Woolard

Hannah Brown is in love, but she’s not racing down the aisle more than three years after becoming engaged on national television. Exclusively to Us Weekly, the former Bachelorette discussed a possible engagement with boyfriend Adam Woolard.

“Of course, we’ve talked about it, but I am so great where we’re at,” the Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test star told Us. “I think he is too, but I do think it could be a possibility at some point. But not something that I’m rushing. It’s actually so funny [that] I was on this TV show and I was the Bachelorette. But maybe that taught me I’m just not in a rush for anything. I’m really happy with where I am at.”

During the 2019 season of The Bachelorette, Brown became engaged to Jed Wyatt. However, the couple broke up while the episode was showing due to claims that he was dishonest about his previous relationship with Haley Stevens (who later wed Brown’s brother in a Bachelor Nation-style plot twist). In February 2021, Woolard and the reality television personality went public.

“We’ve been together over two years now. He’s the best. He’s just the most encouraging, optimistic person. I think I can kind of be, like, assessing the situation … a little bit more fear-based, sometimes. And he is just so great at encouraging me and just celebrating the life that we have together,” Brown gushed, adding that her boyfriend is their dog Wally’s “greatest dog dad.” We’re doing fantastic. I know I’ve said this before, but he simply keeps me feeling so at ease with who I am and who we are.

Last year, the couple settled in Santa Monica. The shift, according to Brown, who called Woolard “a comfortable and grounding place to always come home to,” has been quite smooth.

“We live together great. If I cook, he’ll clean. Same for me. I’m a tornado when I get ready and, like, you can definitely see where I’ve been [in the house], so he probably has more of that to deal with than I do,” she said with a laugh. “But I have to get onto him [for outside chores]. I’m like, ‘The outside stuff is your stuff. I probably clean up more, but you’re in charge of the outside stuff and picking up Wally’s poop.”

From the conversation, it is quite evident that the couple is quite in love with each other and will get hitched sooner or later.

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