The 11th Hour’s host, Stephanie Ruhle Hubbard, works for NBC News as a Senior Business Analyst. Previously, Ruhle held the positions of editor-at-large for Bloomberg News and managing editor for Bloomberg Television.

The Bloomberg Television program Bloomberg GO was co-hosted by Ruhle. The London Whale story, which revealed the trader responsible for the 2012 JPMorgan Chase trading loss, was first reported by three Bloomberg reporters, including Ruhle. In March 2022, she started hosting The 11th Hour.

Stephanie Ruhle: Who Is She?

The United States’ Stephanie Ruhle Hubbard was born in Park Ridge, New Jersey, on December 24, 1975.

In the past, Ruhle previously served as managing editor for Bloomberg Television and editor-at-large for Bloomberg News. Stephanie Ruhle co-hosted the Bloomberg Television program Bloomberg GO.

Stephanie Ruhle Illness

Three Bloomberg reporters, including Ruhle, broke the news on the London Whale, which identified the trader who lost money for JPMorgan Chase in trading in 2012. She began hosting The 11th Hour in March 2022.

Her parents, Frank and Louise Ruhle, raised her in Park Ridge, New Jersey. She graduated from Lehigh University in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in international business. For her major, she went overseas to study in Italy and Kenya. Ruhle returned to Lehigh to deliver the 2017 graduating address.

Stephanie Ruhle: Is She Sick?

On Stephanie Ruhle’s MSNBC show, it was revealed that she had caught Covid-19 during the 2020 pandemic. The journalist hasn’t been associated with any other health issues other than that.

On December 7, 2020, the American host admitted to contracting the coronavirus in a video. She also talked about how difficult the situation was to handle.

She is a wife and a mother as well. Ruhle and Andy Hubbard have been wed since 2002. Andy is an engineer and business owner. Throughout their marriage, the couple gave birth to three children.

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What Happened To Stephanie Ruhle?

Stephanie Ruhle, an MSNBC anchor, had COVID-19, and both she and her family had previously been ill. The well-known television personality warned everyone to exercise caution and informed them of the awful illness.

Ruhle is the host of “The 11th Hour” and a senior business commentator for NBC News. She worked for Bloomberg Television and Bloomberg News as a news anchor, managing editor, and editor-at-large.

Additionally, the American host co-hosted the Bloomberg Television program Bloomberg GO. The London Whale story, which revealed the trader in charge of the 2012 JPMorgan Chase trading loss, was first reported by three Bloomberg reporters, including Ruhle.

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Stephanie Ruhle Announces Covid-19: “Sick And Terrified”

Stephanie Ruhle Illness

On Monday, MSNBC presenter Stephanie Ruhle revealed that she and her family had COVID-19 and that she had been recovering in bed for the previous two weeks. “My husband and my kids—they, too, have it,” she said at the start of her presentation.

Even though we still don’t know how we got it, we’re doing well and are quite fortunate. I’m relieved to be back at home, where I can heal and broadcast comfortably as I continue to keep to myself until I’m confident I’m healthy and infectious-free.

Ruhle warned her viewers to take precautions as the coronavirus spread across America, stressing that a coronavirus vaccine hasn’t yet been publicly accessible. We have a sickness that is consuming our nation, and we need to do far more to stop it, the MSNBC host declared. “And I kindly ask that you treat this seriously. I’m ill and terrified. It still isn’t over.

For the past two weeks, Ruhle has filled in for Chris Jansing while she recovers from her sickness. Following Rachel Maddow’s disclosure that Susan Mikula, who has been her lifetime companion, tested positive and became seriously ill last month, Ruhle made a private statement.

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