George Thorogood, a musician, has temporarily halted his tour schedule because of a “very significant medical problem.” The 73-year-old singer-songwriter announced the cancellation of his 50th-anniversary tour dates with his band, the Destroyers, on Tuesday, April 11.

The statement added Thorogood “will require emergency surgery and quite a few weeks of rehabilitation and healing,” but Thorogood did not reveal his diagnosis.

“We regret to inform you that our April 27–May 21 tour dates in Canada and the United States have been canceled. George has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness that necessitates emergency surgery and a lengthy recovery period “which was the text of the Facebook post.

“We know this isn’t the news our devoted followers were hoping to hear, but George Thorogood & The Destroyers will be returning. We’ll be sure to share any new information with you.”

The Bad All Over the Globe – 50 Years of Rock is a tour that The Destroyers have been performing on since it was announced in December and kicked off on February 13 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Due to Thorogood’s illness, 18 shows have been postponed, including one in Vancouver, British Columbia’s The Commodore Ballroom on April 27.

The same goes for the states of Michigan, Connecticut, and New York as well as the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec. From May until July, the band will be on hiatus. Dates after the hiatus are still visible, and if everything goes according to plan, Thorogood will perform again on July 14 in Jefferson, Wisconsin.

George Thorogood's Battle With Illness: Tour Interrupted For Surgery And Recovery

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Thorogood and his high school classmate and drummer Jeff Simon established The Destroyers, previously known as the Delaware Destroyers, in 1973. Simon is the only other original member still performing with the band today. Madison Blues and One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer are only two of the band’s many well-known songs.

Many of Thorogood’s admirers expressed their condolences after hearing about his health issue. One user commented on the Facebook post, “Good thoughts, wishes, and happy vibrations for George,” while another wished George “the best of luck and a rapid recovery.” You are the best entertainer,” a third individual told Thorogood, “take all the time you need to fully heal.”


George Thorogood, the 73-year-old musician, and frontman of The Destroyers has temporarily halted his 50th-anniversary tour due to a life-threatening illness that requires emergency surgery and a lengthy recovery period.

Fans expressed their good wishes for his health and full recovery. The tour dates in Canada and the United States have been canceled, with hopes of resuming performances in July.

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