Gaten Matarazzo is on the rise thanks to the huge popularity of Stranger Things 4: Volume 1 and landing a summer Broadway engagement as Jared in “Dear Evan Hansen.”

The now-19-year-old actor are we getting old yet? sat down with Seventeen to talk about his time filming Stranger Things 4, his all-time favourite video games, and the unintentional spoiler that was released back in 2016 but no one noticed.

When asked about his favourite moments from the seven years of filming with the same cast, Gaten recalled the forced break in production that the team had to endure before coming back together to wrap up the season.

“I remember it was a really emotional day being back, realizing how much I had taken for granted, how much I love these people, how much I love this show, how much I love my profession.

It had been such a scary, unpredictable time, but we got back into it after six months. Realizing how much we loved our day-to-day lives, occupations, and the people in our lives is something I believe everyone can connect to.

Speaking of downtime, Gaten recently collaborated with Nintendo and informs me that I’ve come to the ideal location to learn “ever so much about video games.” He enjoys playing Nintendo Switch Sports, a game that will be recognizable to everyone who grew up playing tennis courts and bowling lanes on Wii Sports.

Mario Kart is the only method to play the beloved racing game, and he is fiercely competitive when playing it. We are just unhealthy competitive since my siblings and I are so obsessed with it. I’m better than them, and you can tell them I said that, so it’s more for them,” Gaten chuckles.

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Gaten Matarazzo said, “I wanted to very, very badly,” despite leaving his video games at home to concentrate on shooting the tensest season of Stranger Things yet.

Gaten Matarazzo Video Games Stranger Things

I asked him if he ever snuck a Nintendo Switch onto the set to play Rainbow Road with his other Stranger Things 4 cast members. In addition to Lithuania for the Russian scenes, the ensemble also shot in Atlanta and New Mexico.

The fact that I was unable to visit Lithuania affected me greatly because it is a beautiful country. There were videos that some of our actors had sent of them tossing bottles of water into the air while they watched the snow fall,” said Gaten.

Naturally, I also had to question Gaten about the ST4 narrative line he unintentionally exposed in 2016 – years before anyone even realized there would be a fourth season, let alone what the plot would be.

“I was just reading a Reddit fan theory that seemed to be right on; it was crazy. Gaten exclaimed, “I’m just so relieved that it didn’t get popular till after Season 4,” laughing. The accuracy surprised me. It’s a good thing it didn’t catch on too much before the show debuted.

Back in 2016, a seriously shrewd Reddit user proposed a theory about the other members of Eleven’s cohort, speculating that while most of the test subjects, or numbers 1 through 10, were dead, some had been sent to the Upside Down and were unable to escape.

However, the theory was not widely accepted at the time. When the cast wasn’t even sure that Stranger Things would be renewed for a second season, Young Gaten had revealed this wild fan hypothesis as one of his particular favourites.

Gaten Matarazzo Video Games Stranger Things

This wasn’t a leak from an insider, but a really, extremely wise fan.

Gaten jokingly suggested that we recruit that individual to assist in Season 5. “I’m hoping someone will get in touch and say, ‘That was my theory, and if you have evidence of that, send ’em to the writers. They were excellent.

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