Eric Knowles stands as a prominent figure in the realm of antiques, renowned for his expertise, passion, and engaging presence on television.

Eric Knowles

With a career spanning several decades, Knowles has left an indelible mark on the industry, captivating audiences with his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for historical artifacts.

Early Life and Introduction to Antiques

Born with an innate fascination for the past, Eric Knowles embarked on his journey into the world of antiques at a young age. His passion for historical items and collectibles ignited during his formative years and laid the foundation for his future career.

Early Life and Introduction to Antiques

Eric Knowles Illness

During Eric Knowles’ childhood, a significant health issue arose when he was initially diagnosed with leukemia, causing distress and uncertainty for both Eric and his family. After a six-week hospitalization, medical professionals reevaluated his condition, leading to a revised diagnosis of Glandular fever, a viral infection known for symptoms like fatigue, sore throat, and swollen lymph nodes. This revised diagnosis brought relief and a different treatment approach.

Eric Knowles Illness

Fast forward to 2023, Eric Knowles is thriving and in good health, having fully recovered from Glandular fever. This positive outcome underscores his resilience and determination to overcome health challenges in his early years. He is currently enjoying a fulfilling life, appreciative of his restored well-being and the support received during his journey to recovery.

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Career Trajectory

Knowles’ professional journey took a significant turn when he became a familiar face on various television programs dedicated to antiques. His charming demeanor, coupled with an encyclopedic knowledge of historical artifacts, led to his recognition as an expert in the field.

Knowles’ hospitalization was a lonely but formative experience. He spent much of his time in bed, reading and playing with the toys that were given to him. This experience instilled in him a love of toys and collecting, which he has continued to pursue throughout his life.

Career Trajectory

Knowles’ collection of toys is now one of the largest and most comprehensive in the world. He has over 10,000 toys, ranging from antique dolls to modern action figures. His collection is housed in a dedicated museum in his home, which is open to the public by appointment.

Knowles’ passion for toys is evident in his work as a Matron. He has always been a strong advocate for the importance of play in children’s lives, and he has often used toys to help his patients cope with illness and hospitalization.

With notable appearances on shows such as BBC’s “Antiques Roadshow,” Knowles became a household name, offering valuable insights into the world of antiques while captivating audiences with his engaging storytelling.

Expertise and Contributions

Knowles’ expertise spans a wide array of antique items, including ceramics, glassware, and furniture. His ability to decipher the historical significance and value of diverse objects has earned him admiration and respect within the industry.

Expertise and Contributions

Moreover, his role extends beyond television appearances. Knowles has actively participated in various events, exhibitions, and lectures, sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise with enthusiasts, collectors, and budding antique aficionados.

Passion for Education and Preservation

Beyond appraisals and evaluations, Eric Knowles is committed to educating and inspiring future generations about the importance of preserving historical artifacts. His dedication to preserving cultural heritage and sharing the stories behind each antique item serves as a testament to his commitment to education and historical preservation.

Passion for Education and Preservation

Eric Knowles continues to be a respected figure in the antique world, revered for his expertise and affable presence. His contributions to both television and the preservation of historical artifacts have left an enduring legacy, inspiring individuals to appreciate and cherish the rich history encapsulated in each antique piece.


Eric Knowles remains an integral part of the world of antiques, leaving an indelible mark through his extensive knowledge, passion, and commitment to preserving our cultural heritage.

His contributions to the field and his ability to engage and educate audiences have solidified his position as a beloved personality within the realm of collectibles and historical artifacts.

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