Drew Scott is a well-known personality in the world of home improvement and real estate. He gained fame as one of the stars of the popular HGTV show, “Property Brothers,” alongside his twin brother, Jonathan Scott. Together, they have transformed numerous houses into dream homes for their clients.

Drew Scott

Drew Scott is not only a talented real estate agent, but he also has a keen eye for design and renovations, making him a charismatic and knowledgeable expert in his field.

A Closer Look at Drew Scott’s Career

Drew Scott’s journey to success began at a young age. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, he and his brother Jonathan developed a passion for real estate and home renovations. After completing their education, they founded their own real estate investment company, Scott Real Estate, which laid the foundation for their future ventures in the industry.

A Closer Look at Drew Scott's Career

The brothers’ breakthrough came with the creation of “Property Brothers,” a TV show that follows their adventures as they help people transform fixer-upper properties into stunning homes within a limited budget. The show became an instant hit, showcasing Drew and Jonathan’s expertise, creativity, and infectious enthusiasm.

Drew Scott’s Role on “Property Brothers”

On “Property Brothers,” Drew Scott takes on the role of a licensed real estate agent. His primary responsibility is to guide clients through the process of finding and purchasing their ideal home. He helps them navigate the complexities of the real estate market and provides valuable insights into property value, potential renovations, and investment opportunities.

Drew Scott's Role on "Property Brothers"

Drew’s charismatic and confident personality shines through as he interacts with clients, negotiating deals, and ensuring that their needs and preferences are met. With his deep knowledge of the housing market and the latest design trends, Drew contributes to creating spaces that not only meet the client’s functional requirements but also reflect their unique sense of style.

Venturing Beyond Real Estate

While “Property Brothers” remains a cornerstone of Drew Scott’s career, he has demonstrated his versatility by exploring other creative avenues. One such endeavor includes his foray into the music industry. Drew, an accomplished singer, and songwriter, has released several singles, showcasing his passion for music and connecting with fans on a deeper level.

Venturing Beyond Real Estate

Additionally, Drew’s philanthropic efforts deserve recognition. He actively supports various charitable organizations, using his platform to make a positive impact. His involvement in initiatives such as Habitat for Humanity and World Vision reflects his commitment to improving lives and giving back to the community.

Drew Scott’s Health Situation

Recently, there has been speculation about Drew Scott’s health. To address these concerns, it’s important to clarify that Drew Scott is currently not sick.

Drew Scott's Health Situation

However, JD Scott, another member of the Scott family, had a health scare in 2019 that he bravely shared with his fans. It was a mystery illness that had him uncertain about its origin and diagnosis. Yet, in September 2019, JD took to Instagram to update his followers and ease their concerns.

During this time, JD faced a gastrointestinal infection that had been causing him considerable distress. Unsure of the cause initially, he received tremendous support from his followers who offered suggestions, one of which pointed to the possibility of fluoroquinolone exposure from an antibiotic he had been taking. Additionally, JD mentioned grappling with mercury poisoning, though the source of this affliction remained a mystery.

Regardless of the uncertainties surrounding his health issues, JD underwent appropriate treatment, determined to conquer the challenges thrown his way. By the following year, in 2020, JD appeared to have made remarkable progress on his journey to recovery, putting the once-serious illnesses behind him.

In an interview, J.D. Scott opened up about his health struggles, describing a period where he thought he was “dying” due to the infection. Although Drew Scott himself has not experienced any significant health problems, the public’s concerns may have arisen from their close bond as siblings. It’s important to separate the health situations of the two brothers and avoid any confusion or misinformation.


Drew Scott’s career as a real estate agent, television personality, and home renovation expert has made him a household name. Through his role on “Property Brothers,” he has brought joy to countless homeowners by helping them transform their properties into their dream homes. Drew’s expertise, combined with his natural charisma and passion for design, has won the hearts of viewers around the world.

In closing, the Scott brothers’ enduring success and JD’s triumphant recovery from his illness serve as a testament to the power of resilience and the bond shared between celebrities and their dedicated fanbase. As the Scott family continues to inspire millions with their talents, generosity, and authenticity, we are reminded of the strength we gain from supporting one another through life’s ups and downs.

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