New ‘do! Counting Regarding alum Jeremy Vuolo, the spouse of Jinger Duggar has a new hairdo.

On Saturday, July 2, the 34-year-old father of two—who shares Jinger Duggar, 28, and their daughters Felicity and Evangeline—posted a photo of his brand-new buzz cut and bushy beard on Instagram Stories.

In his hands, Jeremy had a soccer jersey that Matias Ojala had given to him as a gift. Having played soccer himself, the former TLC member added, “Love ya dude.” “I appreciate the jersey,” you said.

Since it was Jeremy’s first social media appearance with his new look, the post astounded followers. The host of the podcast “Hope We Hold” typically has a full head of hair that is styled and a light beard.

'Counting On' Alum Jeremy Vuolo's New Buzz Cut Makes Him Look Unrecognizable: View Photo

Theologian has been outspoken about Jinger’s disgraced brother, Josh Duggar before Jemery debuted his new appearance. Josh, 34, was actually criticized by Jeremy on June 21 for being an “abusive hypocrite” on YouTube.

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The father of seven was recently found guilty on one count of receiving child pornography and another of possessing it. He was given a sentence of 151 months in prison, which is equivalent to between 12 and 13 years in jail.

“My brother-in-law will eventually have to appear before the judgment of Christ and give an account for his deeds, and I dread for him… In a 17-minute video titled “Three Truths,” Jeremy stated that if you use the weak for your own gain, you should be afraid.

While expressing his desire for Josh to “experience” remorse, the pastor noted that his brother-in-action law should “be punished” and appealed to the oldest Duggar to “embrace the justice of the court.”

'Counting On' Alum Jeremy Vuolo's New Buzz Cut Makes Him Look Unrecognizable: View Photo

Also in the video, Jeremy made veiled insults at Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna. The mother of seven had already written to the court, pleading for the judge to be forgiving when it came to her husband’s punishment.

As Jeremy subsequently clarified in his video, “true repentance is not pleading for mercy, knowing that what he deserves is the eternal wrath of God.” Reputation, damage control, or getting out of trouble are not issues with genuine remorse.

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