Corpse Husband, a singer, and YouTuber has amassed a devoted following with millions of followers worldwide without ever showing his face. Even though there has been numerous Corpse face reveal rumors, we are still unsure of his exact appearance.

Corpse Husband has been creating content online for a while, but the Among Us excitement is when he truly took off. With more than seven million subscribers to his YouTube channel alone, he has since amassed an incredible fan base.

The corpse is known for being a “faceless” creator, which means that he has never posted a photo of himself online instead choosing to present himself as a variety of avatars.

This indicates that a lot of people are interested in knowing what the deep-voiced streamer looks like in real life, and while he has provided some hints, some people are going a step further and attempting to find out.

Has The Face Of Corpse Husband Been Revealed?

On September 26, a number of tweets that claimed to show Corpse Husband’s face reveal gained popularity.

Following the popularity on Twitter of a photograph that some claimed to be faceless YouTuber Corpse Husband’s actual face, supporters have been criticizing others for their hatred and double standards.

Other images that were shared that were obviously of other persons added some uncertainty and gave the impression that the entire movement was a scam.

Even though not everyone was convinced that any of the pictures were of the YouTuber, nasty messages started to flood in, making fun of the persons in the pictures’ appearance.

Many admirers, though, were eager to point out the hypocrisy of others. “This alleged corpse husband’s face reveals just showed how f**ked up our world is,” one person wrote. “You guys think Corpse is this mega-hot guy, then y’all start bullying him when he didn’t meet your standards.”

Others called out people trying to find out what he looks like in the first place, saying it’s “sick to be in his business like that,” and reminding people that they don’t know for sure that it’s actually Corpse.

What’s The Appearance Of Corpse Husband?

The closest fans have come to seeing the genuine Corpse Husband is in Anthony Padilla’s YouTube film, “I spent a day with FACELESS YOUTUBERS,” which they may see here.

Corpse himself makes an appearance in the video, but he wears his insignia over his face. However, this is most of his upper body that we can view. It’s not the first time someone has attempted to identify a faceless YouTuber.

In June, after some claimed to have discovered what the streamer truly looks like, Minecraft star Dream blasted people for sending “gross” hate to arbitrary individuals. Anomaly, a different mask-wearing designer, briefly made his face visible on stream before abruptly halting the broadcast.

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