In response to criticism from Jason Momoa of their 2011 film Conan the Barbarian, the director Marcus Nispel has responded.

Nispel spoke candidly about the challenges he encountered while directing the movie in a statement to PEOPLE.

“In this arrangement, a filmmaker is like a dog with numerous leashes. The worst experience I ever had was trying to get Conan done under those circumstances, and I was as unhappy with the outcome “PEOPLE is told by Nispel, 59.

“But I’m glad that none of this interfered with Jason’s job. I have always supported my choice to make Conan with him.”

Nispel added that it was a privilege to give the 43-year-old Aquaman actor his first major main part in the action-adventure movie.

“There is always a sense of defeat in every success, as my friend John Milius once stated.

'Conan's' Director Responds to Jason Momoa's 'sucking' Comment: 'I Was Similarly Disappointed with The Outcome'

There can also be a sense of victory in a failure, I say, having had the pleasure and honor of giving Jason his first main role “Nispel adds.

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The director ended the speech on a humorous note by making fun of the action star’s well-known physique: “By the way, Jason flexed his muscles for Game of Thrones. I bought those.”

'Conan's' Director Responds to Jason Momoa's 'sucking' Comment: 'I Was Similarly Disappointed with The Outcome'

Jason Momoa highlighted his dissatisfaction with Conan the Barbarian in a recent interview with British GQ that was released on Monday, telling the publication, “I’ve been a part of a lot of really bad stuff and helpless movie situations.

There was Conan among them. It’s one of my favorite memories, but it got ruined and turned into a huge pile of crap.”

Momoa did not elaborate on how it was “taken over,” but he continued by saying that after primarily portraying hyper-masculine characters in his career, he is looking forward to shattering that stereotype.

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“It’s been challenging because people constantly assume that I’m simply this male who plays masculine roles. But I need to feel something; I need a change. Things are altering, even the villain characters I currently perform are peculiar “explained he.

The next Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom sequel will include Momoa as the lead, and the tenth Fast and Furious film will feature Momoa as a villain.

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