Christy Dignam is a very well-known and famous Irish music personality who is known for his powerful voice and dynamic stage presence. He is a very prominent figure in the Irish music industry and is the lead singer of the legendary and iconic Irish rock band, Aslan.

christy dignam has passed away age 63

Born on March 22, 1960, in Finglas, Dublin, Dignam’s journey in the world of music has been marked by both triumph and adversity, making him a beloved and respected figure among fans and peers alike.

Christy Dignam Dead At 63

Christy Dignam, the famous frontman of the Irish band, Aslan passed away at the age of 63 on 13 June 2023 after a courageous and prolonged battle with cancer. The news of his death was shared by his daughter, Kiera who informed the peaceful death of his father at their home in northside Dublin amidst family members and people close to his life.

Christy Dignam Dead At 63

Christy Dignam’s cancer journey was not at all an easy one and he went through a lot during his whole prolonged cancer battle. He was very positive since the start about getting better and inspired a lot of other people suffering from this deadly disease.

Christy Dignam’s Cause Of Death

Dignam was diagnosed with amyloidosis, a very rare kind of blood disorder cancer way back in the year 2013. He took immediate action and received care from a palliative team who very closely monitored his health. Dignam went to his family in northside Dublin where he stayed with them so as to take even more care of his body.

Christy Dignam's Cause Of Death

His life was like a film or drama where he went through a lot be it childhood trauma or addictions and still managed to focus on his career and become one of the greatest musicians. As soon as the news of his death broke out people from all over the world flooded the internet with messages of condolences.

Dignam’s team and family members requested his fans and people from all over the world to support them in this difficult and extremely painful time. Dignam’s death was a huge shock to the whole world and everybody praised him for being so strong all these years even after going through a lot.

Christy Dignam’s Band “Aslan”

Christy Dignam's Band "Aslan"

Christy Dignam was into music since the early days of his childhood and was very much into creating new and unique Irish music. All this ignited the musical spirit in him and in the year 1982, he formed the Aslan band with guitarist Joe Jewell.

Within no time the group gained a lot of attention and Christy worker very hard to make the band reach new heights of success. The band was very famous in the vibrant Dublin music scene and Dignam’s soulful and calm vocals were a plus point which made the group even more popular and in demand.

Aslan Wexford Spiegeltent Festival 17

Their debut album, “Feel No Shame”, released in 1988, was a critical and commercial success, spawning hits like “This Is” and “Loving Me Lately”. Aslan’s music resonated deeply with audiences, and Dignam’s emotionally charged performances became their trademark.


Christy Dignam’s story is one of courage, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of an artist. Despite facing personal battles and health struggles, he continues to inspire others with his music and unwavering determination. Dignam’s voice has become a symbol of hope, strength, and the enduring power of music to transcend all obstacles.

His legacy as a singer, songwriter, and performer will undoubtedly live on, leaving an indelible mark on the Irish music scene and the hearts of those who have been touched by his music.

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