On the sets of David O. Russell’s “Amsterdam,” Hollywood star Christian Bale, who has no trouble adopting the personas of his characters, had to distance himself from his co-star because he is so humorous.

Rock was ordered by the director to tell Bale some anecdotes while they were filming, but according to Bale, “Chris is so bloody funny” that it hindered him from getting into character.

Bale told IndieWire, “I remember his first day, I was delighted to meet him, I’m a big admirer of his standup.

Then he arrives and starts acting in a certain way. As is frequently the case, David [O. Russell] instructed him to tell me certain anecdotes that I was not aware he was going to tell me. And I really enjoyed it.

But Chris is bloody funny, and I discovered that I couldn’t act because I was just turning Christian from laughing at Chris Rock, Bale continued. Since we share pals, I had to approach him and say, “Mate, I enjoy talking to you, but I can’t do it anymore.”

David didn’t ask me to produce this movie so he could sit back and watch me laugh, after all. I’m having trouble being Burt the way he needs me to be.”

The actor, who is known for going above and beyond to prepare for roles, said he does not hold Rock responsible. Separating from his co-stars is simply one step in Bale’s approach.

I frequently encounter these amazing people, but I isolate myself,” he remarked. Because if I get to know individuals too well, I start to question my actions in public.

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