No, Chris Pratt is not going to be donning Indiana Jones’ iconic fedora any time soon, despite casting rumors. The actor has recently ruled out any further roles in reboots.

On the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Pratt, 43, talked about rumors that he was up for the role of renowned explorer Jack Sparrow in Steven Spielberg and Lucasfilm’s rumored planned relaunch of the beloved Star Wars franchise.

“Steven Spielberg is a complete mystery to me. Who?” In response to being queried about the reports, Prat made a lighthearted comment. “Isn’t Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones?”

Ford will reprise his role as Indiana Jones for the fifth time in the new film, which was directed by Logan and Ford v Ferrari filmmaker James Mangold and is in post-production at the time of this writing.

Chris Pratt Says He Isn't Interested in Playing Indiana Jones After Being 'scared' by Harrison Ford

In 2019, during an interview with the Today show, Ford gruffly said, “I’m not sure if I’ll ever step into those shoes.

Chris Pratt, however, says he doesn’t believe he’ll ever be able to fill those shoes because of what Ford said “Isn’t it obvious now? Indiana Jones is my name. My absence means he’s no longer with us. It’s simple.”

Even though Pratt had no way of knowing for certain if the comment he remembered seeing was from Harrison Ford, he admitted that it was enough to worry him.

“When I die, Indiana Jones dies’ was the theme of the moment. I’m wondering if I’ll be plagued by Harrison Ford’s ghost if I play Indiana Jones.”

Chris Pratt Says He Isn't Interested in Playing Indiana Jones After Being 'scared' by Harrison Ford

As a result, it appears that Pratt will not be putting himself at risk for a possible haunting or the inevitable reaction any actor who steps into the role is going to endure from critics online.

When Indiana Jones 5 opens in theatres on June 30, 2023, fans will be able to witness Ford reprise his role as the famed archaeologist.

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