Exactly like her mother, and exactly like the mermaids! Cardi B celebrated her daughter Kulture’s 4th birthday in style, and the adorable duo wore matching mermaid outfits.

On Sunday, the “Up” singer took to Instagram to post a slideshow of heartwarming photos from the opulent celebrations, which included husband Offset and their 10-month-old son Wave.

Photographs show the cute birthday girl dressed to the nines in a pearlescent mermaid tale skirt and a mesh shirt adorned with seashells.

Also in mermaid-themed attire, one that is far more in keeping with Cardi’s personal style is Cardi.

For her little girl, the pleased parent wrote “I got your back, your front, and sides …..BIG 4” in the accompanying slideshow.

This week, Cardi B spoke up to Vogue Singapore about her decision to forgo the use of an in-home babysitter, even though she had originally planned to do so before becoming a mother.

‘It’s easy,’ I kept telling them because everyone was so worried about my work and future,” she says. It’s safe to assume that I’ll be bringing a nanny with me as I travel across the country.

This isn’t even going to be a hassle,'” she assures him. “I couldn’t even consider hiring a nanny when the baby arrived because I was terrified that anyone other than my immediate family would be around her. “Kulture has never had a nanny before.”

Cardi B and Kulture's Have Matching Mermaid Costumes for Kulture's 4th Birthday

However, Cardi acknowledges the help she gets from her husband and family, even if her mother, Clara Almánzar, is kind enough to monitor Kulture and Wave for her.

As for your parents, they’ve already gone through the motions of life and reared their families.

It’s hard for them to keep up with the pace of someone in their early twenties, she explains. To be a mother, I’m never more than a phone call away from my kids.

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