In Billie Eilish’s most recent TikTok dancing video for her new song, Lost Cause, there are two unintentional clothing mishaps. “T*s falling out,” the singer quips.

These days, Billie is proud of her scanty appearance. With her British Vogue cover photo a month ago, the singer created a splash.

Her newest single, Lost Cause, off the upcoming album Happier Than Ever, just had its music video published three days ago.

The singer is seen dancing passionately at a slumber party while wearing scantily clad in both the song and the music video, which have both been getting a lot of attention.

The focus right now, though, is on her TikTok video from yesterday, June 4. In addition to two wardrobe mishaps, Billie released a video of herself and her friends dancing to Lost Cause.

A Tiktok Dance Video of A Malfunctioning Wardrobe Is Shared by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Shares Tiktok Video of Wardrobe Malfunction,

“T*s was falling out,” the singer of Happier Than Ever captioned the clip. She practiced the choreography with her dancers in the TikTok video while concealing herself with various emojis.

As she twerks with her dancers, she can be seen dancing in a low-cut silk camisole. Two clothing malfunctions occur when the singer demonstrates some of her movements.

Due to Billie’s concern for maintaining her modesty, none of her alleged “nip slips” appeared in the finished footage.

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Kim Kardashian’s Skits in The Lost Cause Video by Billie Eilish

On YouTube, Billie’s Lost Cause music video has already received over 22 million views.

Billie’s attire drew the attention of many fans in addition to the song’s soothing and peaceful qualities and its risk-taking music video.

Billie is dressed in SKIMS loungewear that matches her color scheme while she and her friends have an epic sleepover. The clothes come in beige, black, brown, and light blue hues.

Billie Eilish Shares Tiktok Video of Wardrobe Malfunction,

The SKIMS $42 Boyfriend T-Shirt and $26 Boyfriend Boxer ($26) from Kim’s shapewear line are worn by Billie in the Lost Cause song video, which was directed by the singer herself.

The Lost Cause music video appears to have touched Kim’s heart as much as the fans’. The business magnate and reality personality used Instagram stories to express her admiration for Billie’s song video.

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Release Date for Happier than Ever Announced!

On July 30 of this year, Billie will release her new album, Happier Than Ever.

The album’s release date was confirmed by Billie in a post on Instagram on April 27. As she continued, she declared, “This is my favorite creation I’ve ever made, and I’m so anxious and happy for you to hear it. Even I am unable to explain.

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