In early April 2018, Becca Tilley and Hayley Kiyoko were first seen together at a party with friends.

They may have just been bonding as friends, but you may disagree after seeing their images together.

What Is Becca Tilley’s Secret Boyfriend Name?

The pair keeps the identity of Becca Tilley’s secret boyfriend a secret.

Tilley is hesitant to make her boyfriend public, as she did with her previous boyfriend, Robert.

Becca Tilley is most known for her role on The Bachelorette.

Tilley tried her luck with love twice, coming second in season 19 and reaching week seven the following season.

She has had romantic success, despite not winning the hearts of any of the guys.

Since her breakup with Robert Graham in 2017, Becca has been dating an unknown male.

Becca Tilley Relationship History

Although it is kept hidden from view, she appears to be quite pleased with him.

The reality star is doing a fantastic job at keeping it hidden from view.

Becca and Hayley had been dating for a while.

Becca Tilley was a contestant on season 19 of The Bachelor.

In the twenty-first season of The Bachelor, she came in second place.

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Are Becca Tilley and Hayley Kiyoko Dating?

Becca Tilley Relationship History

Page Six stated on the same day as the music video’s release that the two “appear to confirm” their purported romance.

Kiyoko, 31, and Becca, 33, have been exchanging Instagram posts.

That same day, the Bachelor Nation star shared a video montage of their supposed romance on Instagram.

The two can be seen dancing, kissing, and exchanging happy memories in the video.

“My heart is exploding,” said Cari Fletcher, a fellow LGBT singer.
G Flip, a nonbinary artist, also left a remark on the song video, saying, “ARHHHHHHHH.”

Becca rose to prominence after appearing on the hit dating show The Bachelor for the 19th season.

Becca Tilley’s Relationship with Hayley Kiyoko Explored Her Dating History

Fans consider Becca Tilley and Hayley Kiyoko to be more than pals.

Despite Becca’s efforts to keep official dating details off her social media platforms, it’s clear that she and Hayley have become close.

Hayley’s Kiyoko music has been promoted by Tilley, who has encouraged her fans to check it out.

She also gave her support following her Billboard victory.

They’ve also taken selfies together.

Becca Tilley Relationship History

Becca took over a year and a half to reveal her ex-boyfriend, Robert, to the public.

As a result, it’s clear that she’s keeping her new affair a secret from her admirers.

The name of her new boyfriend and his whereabouts are unknown.

For the time being, Becca hopes to maintain things that way.

Becca announced her new beau during a 2019 episode of Scribbling In.

Though she didn’t say anything else, she did express her gratitude with a smile.

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On Not Hiding

“On social media, being private is not the same as concealing. “People already have an opinion on my relationship and I haven’t even revealed it,” Tilley said in an Instagram Q&A in February 2022. “Does it make sense that I’d want to keep it safe?” But, who knows, maybe one day! But that will be our decision.”

If She’s with The One

Tilley intimated on her “Scrubbing In” podcast in February 2020 that she is “95 percent” sure she will marry her current lover.

On Keeping Things Private

Becca Tilley Relationship History

“I just think my current relationship is simply, I appreciate that it’s private and it’s my own,” the reality TV star told Us in September 2019.

“I used to have a public relationship, and it always felt like there were a lot of people involved, which I know is why they were watching me in the first place.”

On Future Plans to Share

When it comes to revealing her significant other’s identity, Tilley told Us in September 2019 that she doesn’t “have a timeline.”

“I just feel like if the moment comes where I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m just going to say anything,’ I’ll say something,” she added. “I’m incredibly thrilled, and I hope to start talking about it more in the future, but for now, I’m content with it being private.”

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On Her Restrictions

The one major constraint, Tilley told Us in November 2019, is not publishing about her romance on social media.

“Mostly it’s simply publishing and chatting about it,” she explained to Us. “I go about my life.”

On Not Feeling ‘Safe’ with Public Relationships Anymore

Becca Tilley Relationship History

“I think I’ve disclosed less of my personal life because I just got off a program where my entire dating life, everything about me, was on display for everyone to judge and discuss.

“And then, after The Bachelor, I was in a public relationship and blogged about it on Instagram, YouTube, and elsewhere — and when we broke up, there was this pressure that I felt just about letting people down who were pulling for my love,” Tilley told me ETD in June 2019.

“I don’t feel safe just being honest and real,” I recall thinking, “because I don’t know what people will say or what assumptions they will make.” So I decided it was something I could defend after that.”

On Being in Love

On a June 2019 episode of her podcast, Tilley and her “Scrubbing In” cohost Tanya Rad played a round of Truth or Drink. Tilley said, “Yes,” when asked if she is “in love.” Tilley chose to take a shot instead of naming the person she is dating later in the game.

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