After lots of backlash, hate, and rumors, Paulie and Cara are still very strong together and nothing affects their relationship. The couple was always in the news for their on-again, off-again relationship, and people were always confused as to whether they were together or if it was just for the show.

Paulie and Cara

Let’s know who is Paulie and Cara

Paulie Calafiore is a television personality and popular D.J., born on November 13, 1988, in Howell, New Jersey. He appeared in “Big Brother” season 18 in 2016. He was also a part of “The Challenge: Final Reckoning,” “The Challenge: War of the Worlds” and “The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2.”

Cara Maria Sorbello born on 12 May 1986, in Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States is an actress. She appeared on the show “The Challenge” and is quite in the news for her complicated relationship with Paulie.

Are Paulie and Cara still together?

Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello are still going well and are happy together.

Paulie and Cara first met in 2018 during the “The Challenge” shoot and soon matched each other’s vibes. Still, unfortunately, there were no romantic talks between them as Paulie was dating the “Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” alum Danielle Maltby.

Paulie took no time and broke up with Danielle just to make things work between him and Cara. The pair competed together in the War of Worlds and War of Worlds 2 seasons of “The Challenge” in 2019.


But things weren’t smooth as Pulie was found kinda cheating on both Cara and Danielle. Paulie was talking to both the girls and it didn’t make any of the girls happy. Cara even opened up on the “Watch With Us” podcast and said that she doesn’t want any of it to be true because she knows how she feels about Paulie and she knows how they were together.

The two broke up for some time and again met during the filming of “The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2” in 2019. The two have been together since then and moved to Montana. Cara and Paulie expressed that they’re happy together and it was a mistake made by both of them and that now they’ve realized and will definitely work on themselves.

Paulie and Cara’s views on having an open relationship

Yes, it’s true that the couple is in an open relationship, and revealed the basis of their relationship is trust. Cara said, “We’re open and people are confused about that. They’re like, ‘Well, they’ve got to be f–king everybody and cheating.”

Paulie expressed what it is like being in an open relationship, saying, “It’s invite-only, but it’s also, like, trusting who you’re around. There’s open communication about it. You can’t get offended. … And, you have to be OK with yourself.”

They both are quite open about their relationship and have been supporting each other. The couple took a break from television for almost two years after the wrap of “The Challenge” in 2019 and calls this break a much-needed one. Cara reflects back on how she always had the notion of having money but this break was a healing period for her and she now feels happy from the inside.

Paulie and Cara’s company “The Ten Escape”

The couple also started a business together called “The Ten Escape,” which offers young models, influencers, and common people, an all-inclusive trip hosted by the TV stars with a few of their friends. They get to know the stars and enjoy a trip with them.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico was their first one to have a trip hosted by Cara and Paulie’s company from October 7 to 11, 2021.


And we can conclude by saying that Paulie and Cara even after lots of up and downs are still going happily together and are happy being in a relationship which may seem unconventional to many but is quite working for them.

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