A new romance story emerged! 90-Day Fiancé personality Veronica Rodriguez shocked the audience with her new budding love angle with her franchise costar Kim Menzies’ son, Jamal Menzies.


It’s still unclear if the two are actually dating or was it just a publicity stunt to increase the show’s rating but one thing is pretty clear the two are having a very fun time together and the fans are loving their chemistry.

Let’s know more about what is happening between them and spill some tea!

Veronica Rodriguez’s dating history

The 90-Day Fiance’s star Veronica has had much in her life and her dating life has been quite an interesting one and is full of twists and turns.

She got pregnant at the age of 20 and being from a traditional Hispanic family she was asked to marry. They had a daughter together, Chloe, and when she was one and a half years old, Veronica and Chloe’s biological husband got divorced.

Their marriage was not even a matter of one year and she disclosed that the marriage was because of her family’s pressure.

90 Day Fiance Chloe Sanchez Tim Malcolm 5942
Veronica’s daughter Chloe and Tim Malcolm

Then she dated Tim Malcolm whom she met in a nightclub. During the March 2021 episode of 90 Day Bares All, she shared that she was attracted to him and kissed him first. She also slipped her number into his pocket.

Tim was a father figure to her daughter, Chloe and thus she was assured of being with Tim. The two were together for six years but unfortunately ended their engagement.

Next to Tim was Grant Glaser who was a financial professional. They were not together for a very long time and thus not much is known about him

During season 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life, Veronica revealed her new love interest, Justin whom she met online and who was younger than her.

After her split with Justin whom she met during season 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life, Veronica was seen dating fellow franchise costar, Kim Menzies‘ adult son, Jamal Menzies

Veronica Rodriguez and Jamal Menzies dating

After her split with Justin whom she met during season 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life, Veronica was seen dating fellow franchise costar, Kim Menzies‘ adult son, Jamal Menzies

They both met in the 90 Day Fiance and their interaction started from there. Veronica asked Jamal to suggest to her some places to see or visit in Jamal’s home city San Diego.

Veronica was seen saying that Jamal had not even helped her but even asked her out for dinner but the two were very clear about not taking the things further as Jamal had made it very clear that he was seeing some other people too and Veronica was very open about it.

The two were together in San Diego with other cast members and Jamal even shared a picture with his arms around Veronica on his Instagram and the two were seen enjoying themselves together.

In December 2022, Veronica took to her Instagram stories and shared a positive sign of having a good relationship with Jamal.

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Jamal is almost 10 years younger than Veronica but still, the two are comfortable spending time with each other. People speculate if the two are really in a smooth relationship since none of them has publicly admitted to being together.

Jamal was very clear since the start that he is seeing other people and is sleeping with some too. Veronica on knowing all these things was very ‘open to the idea’ and didn’t have any problem with that.

But Tim Malcolm had a different theory on Jamal and Veronica’s open relationship and said that Veronica is absolutely NOT okay with it and she should not lower herself for that. He further goes on to say that she doesn’t deserve someone who’s going to put her on a pedestal and that he feels sad about it.

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