Angela Bassett is a widely known American actress. She has been giving amazing films for more than three decades now.

The actress came into the spotlight again after being nominated for the Academy Award for best supporting actress for her appearance in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Much to the fans’ dismay, she lost it to Jamie Lee Curtis.

However, her reaction has been eliciting quite some reactions from the internet.

Angela’s Reaction To Losing The Award

Angela looked quite happy when the nominees were being announced. However, the joy was short-lived as Jamie Lee Curtis beat everyone and bagged the award.

Angela's Reaction

And, just like any other competitor would feel, Angela appeared a bit disappointed. Sad to be precise. But, the internet has been flooding with people judging her reaction as no other competing nominees appeared sad.

Fans were quick to rise to support. They mentioned how Angela wanted the award to honor the movie and Chadwick Boseman past his death as well.

Actors work hard to bring their characters to reality. It is often expected of them to stay humble and kind and ever-happy despite all that hard work.

Actors are humans too and it’s time we start acknowledging that and allow them to feel their emotions and sadness. It doesn’t make them any less amazing. It merely makes them human.

Fans Chime in To Support Angela

No, sooner than the way she reacted went viral fans started tweeting to show their support towards Angela.

Just because she’s an actor doesn’t mean she always has to act,” one user tweeted on March 13. “We can be disappointed for Angela Bassett & happy for [Jamie Lee Curtis], those 2 things can exist. But, Angela Bassett gets to feel the way she feels. This system is broken. Her reaction is about that.

Angela and JLC in their respective nominated roles

Angela Bassett’s reaction to Jamie Lee Curtis’ name being called…you can tell how much that Oscar would have meant to her,” another user tweeted. “She is, was, and always will be incredible. I better see her on that stage SOON.”

And the love Angela got wasn’t just virtual. While onstage, Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors took a moment to shout out the superstar.

“Hey Auntie,” Michael said, with Jonathan adding, “We love you.”

Angela’s Other Wins and Nominations

Even though Bassett failed to acquire the Oscar this year, she is no stranger to prestigious awards.

Angela Bassett

Known for her work in film and television since the late 1980s, she has received various accolades, including a Screen Actors Guild Award, sixteen NAACP Image Awards, and two Golden Globe Awards, in addition to nominations for two Academy Awards, seven Primetime Emmy Awards, and two Daytime Emmy Awards. 

Time named her among its 2023 honorees for Women of the Year.

She has also been nominated for several other awards and won many others too. You can read all about them here.


Angela Bassett upon being sad about not winning the Academy Award was called out for her disappointment. However, fans soon stood in support and expressed their views. They talked about how she is a person as well and is allowed to feel her emotions as well.

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