By announcing their pregnancy in January of 2021, Halsey not only took everyone off guard but also revealed that they were expecting twins. Alev Aydin, the singer’s boyfriend, was also revealed to be their secret love interest.

The “Bad at Love” singer took to Instagram to announce her pregnancy, releasing a series of photos showing off her knit bikini top and her growing baby bulge. Halsey wrote “Surprise!” on the photo and tagged their boyfriend.

To this, Aydin responded: ‘Heart feels very full.’ Sweetheart, I adore you.” “I love you!!!!!” was the pop star’s response. And I’m already in love with this tiny individual!”

Halsey had a miscarriage five years prior to making the pregnancy announcement. “It’s the angriest performance I’ve ever done in my life,” the singer said in a Rolling Stone interview in 2016. At that point in my life, “I don’t feel like a human being anymore,” was what I thought to myself.

Some fans believed Halsey and Aydin’s connection was fresh, but it appears that the Grammy nominee and the producer had a long history together. Their “pregnancy was 100 percent planned” was announced to supporters in March 2021.

Their pregnancy news came months earlier than they had planned on getting matching tattoos at a LA boutique. Amanda Owley, a tattoo artist, published images of the artwork in June 2020.

Who Is Alev Aydin Dating?

A New Jersey resident and her boyfriend each had the phrase “Seeds” tattooed on their feet as a symbol of their commitment to each other. When it comes to their feet, Halsey’s and Aydin’s are very different. The tattoo artist was giddy with excitement after meeting the couple, calling them “the loveliest” the entire time.

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A source told Us Weekly in February that the pair had “talked about marriage,” which is a sign of their seriousness.

Halsey “wasn’t necessarily wanting to be married before getting pregnant,” an insider claimed, stressing the couple is “focused on [Halsey’s] pregnancy” before anything else.

“Marriage is not the only emphasis at all,” the person continued. Ultimately, what counts is that Halsey and Alev have a good relationship, and right now, Halsey really adores and cherishes Alev. They appear to be in a serious relationship.”

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Alev Aydin Dating

March 2019

They went to a Los Angeles Lakers game nearly two years before they made their first child’s arrival public knowledge. When Aydin posted a picture of them sitting courtside during the game, he raved about how “awesome” it had been.

“Thanks to @iamhalsey for the courtside experience, something I’ll probably never get to do again. On our phones, we’re the only ones watching the game “The image has a caption.

Alev Aydin Dating

June 2020

Halsey and Aydin received identical tattoos six months before announcing their pregnancy. The two of them exchanged handwritten tattoos with the word “Seeds” on their foot. “I met two of the nicest folks today.

Alev and Ashley. Her Twitter handle is HALSEY @iamhalsey. ‘Seeds’ is a term used to refer to seeds that have been planted. She advised planting seeds this week since it’s the perfect time to do so in terms of cosmic timing. This is something I wholeheartedly concur with “By way of Instagram, the ink artist Owley wrote.

Alev Aydin Dating

October 2020

Photojournalists in Los Angeles snapped a picture of the pair shopping for painting supplies in October 2020. After posting a Halloween-themed artwork on Instagram just a few days prior, the singer decided to go on a public outing.

Alev Aydin Dating

January 2021

Pregnancy was revealed in January 2021, when Halsey shared a photo of her naked stomach on social media. Aydin was tagged in the post by the musician, and the two had an endearing conversation in the comments about how much they loved one other.

Alev Aydin Dating

March 2021

He turned twenty-one while the epidemic raged around them. With Aydin on her tummy, the Grammy-winning artist released a picture of the two of them in bed.

Halsey tweeted, “Happiest birthday, aşkm.” “My love” is the final word in the phrase.

Alev Aydin Dating

July 2021

Because she didn’t want to hear what others thought about Aydin, the singer reflected on her “crazy” decision to keep quiet about him publicly.

Halsey told Allure in their August 2021 edition, “I’ve never talked about him before.” Despite the fact that I was prepared to give up everything, my loved ones were not.

According to what she went on to say, “No one was aware that I was seeing someone. Somehow, it’s as if people feel entitled to an update, like, “I met someone; we are dating; we are serious; they have moved in; we are planning to have a kid; we are having a baby; we had a baby; this is the gender.”

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After four years of friendship, Halsey revealed how the two became romantically involved.

“It was obvious that he and I were like, ‘Oh my god!’ when the stars finally aligned in our relationship. ‘You are the person with whom I am meant to begin a family,’ he said “At the time, Halsey was the only one who knew. “Alev and I started dating only when I realized how much I liked him.”

Alev Aydin Dating

July 2021

On July 14, 2021, Ender Ridley Aydin was born to the couple. On the occasion, Halsey shared a snapshot of her family in black and white, in which she thanked the professionals who had assisted in the delivery of their first child.

“Gratitude. The most exhilarating and “rare” birth experience. It’s “fueled by love,” the singer posted on Instagram earlier this month.

Alev Aydin Dating

April 2022

“Confirmed for me that I have poor taste in guys,” Halsey tweeted at the time, amid internet criticism of Rob Pattinson’s part in The Batman. Aleksey is free from this requirement.

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