The Senegalese American singer Akon, who is been serving the industry for almost 2 decades has already proved his worth. He has made a lot of appearances in various interviews and other shows.

Last week, The Billboard award-winning singer made a claim during an interview with the Big Homies House podcast, that Canada has passed Atlanta and is currently dominating Hip Hop all over the world. He named some of Canada’s best-performing artists like Drake, Justin Bieber, and The Weeknd.

Akon Says He Used His Brothers as Body Doubles at Overbooked Shows

He said: “Atlanta’s been a driving force to Hip Hop, for sure, but the dominator of Hip Hop is Canada,” he said. “N-gga, they dominated the music business. Okay, you got Drake, you got Tory Lanez, you got The Weeknd, you got Justin Bieber.

“Mind you, I’m thinking from a business standpoint. I’m not talking about influence. Influence? Atlanta, hands down. ‘Cause everything that those guys I mentioned in Canada is birthed from influence here in Atlanta. Don’t get it twisted, Atlanta changed the game when it came to urban music.”

Earlier today, the 49-year-old singer made a statement where he told that whenever his shows were overbooked, he used to ask his look-alike brothers to imitate him in the shows, and surprisingly no one realizes that it wasn’t the Akon performing.” RapTV also shared a tweet concerning this statement.

A lot of people criticized the “Locked Up” rapper in the comments section. Literally, most of them were disrespecting him, making fun of his words. Some of them also insulted him for never being overbooked. One fan shared a tweet, where he wrote: “Body doubles. Not face doubles or lookalikes. They only have to fool people for 20 yards away”.

We all know that Akon’s brothers don’t have any similar looks compared to him. Well, he is one of the biggest American artists and he doesn’t deserve this kind of hate. Hope this gets an end soon.

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