Indie-pop trio AJR, composed of brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met, had been slated to headline multiple events, including Summerfest and the Roc the Lake Festival. However, the band recently made the heartbreaking announcement that they would be canceling their upcoming shows due to a family emergency.

In a tweet on July 1, AJR revealed that their father, Gary had been battling a progressive illness for the past year and had sadly passed away. They expressed their gratitude for their father’s unwavering support, referring to him as their “Number 1 Fan.”

How Did AJR’s Father Die? What Illness Did He Have?

The specifics of their father’s illness have not been disclosed. Two days later, on July 3, the band released their fourth single, titled “God is Really Real“, from their upcoming fifth studio album. The song details the brothers’ relationship with their father, Gary, who was terminally ill at the time of its release. It was revealed later that day that he had passed away.

AJR dad

AJR’s father, Gary Metzger, was an architect and the original founder and manager of the band. He was a strong supporter of his sons’ music and was always there to offer advice and encouragement. He will be deeply missed by his family, friends, and fans.

AJR, hailing from New York, has gained popularity with their hit songs like “Weak,” “Burn the House Down,” “100 Bad Days,” “Bang!,” and “World’s Smallest Violin.” The band’s energetic performances have attracted large crowds, with their show at the NYS Fair’s Chevy Park stage in 2021 drawing a staggering audience of 36,397, making it one of the largest turnouts in New York State Fair concert history.

AJR, hailing from New York

In addition to the canceled Roc the Lake Festival performance, AJR’s appearances at Summerfest in Milwaukee on Thursday and a Minneapolis concert on July 15 are also expected to be affected. The band’s decision to prioritize being by their father’s side during this challenging time underscores the deep bond and family values that AJR holds.

ajr dad illness

Fans and the music community alike have expressed their condolences and support for the Met brothers during this difficult period. AJR’s decision to prioritize family is a testament to their strong bond and the importance they place on being there for one another.

As the news of their father’s passing spreads, the music world mourns alongside AJR, recognizing their talent and the emotional depth they bring to their music. The band’s future performances will undoubtedly be imbued with the memory and legacy of their beloved father, further cementing the connection between their music and their personal lives.

In a statement, the band said, “We are so grateful for the time we had with our dad. He was a huge inspiration to us and we will never forget him. We know he is in a better place now and we will continue to make music in his honor.”

The band has not yet announced any plans for their upcoming tour dates. However, they have said that they will be taking some time off to grieve and to be with their family. They have also said that they plan to continue making music in their father’s memory.

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