What a performance! Annie Toborowsky, a 90 Day Fiancé fan favorite, has always been honest with her admirers about her plastic surgery metamorphosis. Known for her witty commentary on Pillow Talk alongside her husband David Toborowsky, the Thai native has been open about her cosmetic operations over the past few years.

One of the first surgeries confirmed by the cookery teacher is East Asian blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery. Patients with hooded eyes might have the skin on their upper eyelids reshaped in order to produce an eyelid crease.

It’s a common procedure among people of Asian heritage who want to seem more European, and it’s designed to do so. Despite Annie’s admission of having the operation done, the TLC alum acknowledged that it was mostly for medical reasons.

‘I’ve had an eye condition for a long time,’ the Arizona resident stated in a May 2019 response to a fan remark. The TV personality said, “I have an eye condition and it has nothing to do with my Asian [sic]. Contrast for, I believe Asian eyes to be the world’s most attractive.

Fans have lately theorized that the 90 Day Fiancé alum has chosen lip injections as a recent cosmetic procedure. When she posted a new Instagram photo in April 2022, admirers noticed that her lips were fuller than normal.

Annie, you don’t need the lip fillers. …or anything!! Natural beauty, you. One admirer begged, “Please don’t start,” in response to the suggestion. Annie, please don’t get started with fillers and plastic,” said another.

As of May 2022, people were still debating if Annie’s looks had changed because she had undergone surgery or was merely the result of a filter. Everyone says it’s a filter… In reality, it’s not like “I just saw Pillow Talk and that’s precisely how she looks,” as one viewer noted.

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Check out Pillow Talk to learn if Annie reveals anything else about her upgrades. Annie Toborowsky’s plastic surgery makeover may be seen in the gallery below.

Natural Annie

90 Day Fiance’s Annie Toborowsky Plastic Surgery Transformation

Fans were first introduced to Annie in season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé.


FRESH-FACED Annie’s skin glowed as her followers speculated possible lip fillers.

Annie’s skin glowed as her followers speculated possible lip fillers.

Behind The Scenes

90 Day Fiance’s Annie Toborowsky Plastic Surgery Transformation

Taking a selfie on the Pillow Talk set, fans questioned the TLC alum’s new look in the comment section.

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