The death of Moonbin, a 25-year-old K-pop sensation, was revealed by his record label. South Korean media reported that police were called to his Seoul apartment on Wednesday night after his manager discovered him lifeless inside.

“He appears to have taken his own life, but an autopsy is being reviewed to determine the exact cause of death,” police added.

A memorial from Moonbin’s record company Fantiago said, “unexpectedly, he left our world and became a star in the sky.”

Moonbin’s acting and modeling careers preceded his 2016 membership in the successful K-pop boy band Astro. In addition, he shared the stage with Moonbin & Sanha.

In a statement released after his death, Fantagio urged that people “refrain from speculative and malicious reports” so that his loved ones might grieve in private.

After starting out as a trainee on the Fantagio, Moonbin joined Astro. There were six members of the performing ensemble at one point, but in February of 2023, one of them quit. Moon Sua, his sister, is a member of the K-pop girl group Billlie.

Tragic End For Moonbin: K-Pop Star Passes Away At 25 In Apparent Suicide

The death of Moonbin is the most recent death of a prominent member of the K-pop industry.

Goo Hara, a popular singer and actress, was discovered dead in her Seoul apartment in 2019. K-pop sensation Sulli, a close friend of hers, committed suicide that same year following a prolonged battle with internet bullying.

In 2018, Minwoo of the boy band 100% passed away at his home from what his company has only described as a “cardiac arrest.”

SHINee’s Jonghyun passed suddenly in 2017. SHINee was a popular boy band in South Korea.

While the overall suicide rate in South Korea is decreasing, the rate of mortality among people in their twenties is increasing, making it the highest among developed countries.

Suicide is an epidemic in Korea’s ultra-competitive society, and the government is working to curb the problem.

His many devotees lament his passing while thanking him for exposing them to K-Pop.

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Tragic End For Moonbin: K-Pop Star Passes Away At 25 In Apparent Suicide


Moonbin, a 25-year-old K-pop artist, has died, reportedly by suicide, according to his record label. Moonbin was a member of the successful K-pop boy band Astro, and his death marks the latest tragedy in the Korean music industry.

His passing highlights the concerning issue of mental health and suicide in Korea’s competitive society. Fans mourn his loss while authorities and loved ones urge for privacy and respect during this difficult time.

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