The Grammy award-winning singer performed as the musical guest on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, which also included a funny spoof showing Drake’s ex-girlfriends coming together to establish a union called “The United Tingz of Aubrey.”

Fans soon recognized the link, unearthing lines from Drake’s 2020 mixtape track “Mr. Right Now,” in which he raps, “Yeah, said she wanna fuck to some SZA, wait, cause I used to date SZA back in 08.” Back when the song dropped  SZA replied to the lyrics on Twitter when the song was released, appearing to confirm the previous connection and confirming that it occurred in 2009.

SZA playfully compared Drake to Regina George’s antagonist from the 2004 film Mean Girls in a recent sit-down interview with Audacy, adding that his reputation as “the popular kid” makes him a topic of conversation.

“‘I feel like Drake has a Regina George quality to him,’ she replied, referring to the question, ‘Have you or anybody you know been personally victimized?’ “You know, he’s a cool kid. It’s fun to be the popular child at school. It’s fun, but it’s also risky at times.”

The 33-year-old musician claims she was unaware of the comedy and was not invited to participate, but she thought it was amusing nonetheless: “I admire your honesty. But I did chuckle a lot. I burst out laughing.”

Despite the history and the little jab, SZA made it obvious that she and the rapper are on excellent terms. “We’ve always been cool, and we’ll always be cool, “she stated “It has never been strange. He’s always mentioned me in a nice light. He’s never criticized me. That’s something I appreciate. I have a lot of respect for him. King Drake.”

SOS has already received critical praise and has surpassed 1 billion Spotify streams in just two days.

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