Robert Irwin reveals that his sister Bindi has supported him up to this point: Now It’s Your Turn

Grace Warrior, his sister’s 18-month-old daughter, has a “crazy uncle” in Robert Irwin, who claims to be single and enjoys playing that role.

Robert Irwin is content to be single, but his older sister Bindi Irwin wishes he would find the right person.

Following the birth of her daughter Grace Warrior with husband Chandler Powell in March 2021, Bindi, 24, stated to her 18-year-old son of the late Steve Irwin that she wanted him to divert some of the spotlights away from her.

He told E! News, “It’s kind of hilarious because obviously my sister has married and had a child and there are always a lot of speculations that go around. “They’re having triplets” or “Bindi’s having a second child.”

Robert Irwin also said “Bindi always tells Robert, “Robert, it’s your turn now,” since there are so many strange things that go on all the time. You need to find someone to relieve me of the pressure!”

The animal activist, who recently published a photography book titled Robert Irwin’s Australia, claimed that although he doesn’t currently have a significant relationship, he will someday “get there.”

While visiting the Australia Zoo in June, Robert was recently pursued by a woman who tried to gain his phone number.

He was described as “very cool” by the woman in a popular TikTok video. I was wondering whether I can have your number, she continued.

After saying, “Well, I’m extremely flattered,” Robert showed the tourist that he was a gentleman by sending her to his social media posts.

I’ll tell you what, the simplest way to get in touch with me is via Instagram since my team can keep an eye on it and see when it arrives since my number is frequently misplaced, he said.

The woman responded, “Well, I actually DM’d you last night to tell you I was coming here today,” after deciding that wasn’t a satisfactory response.

Oh no, he kindly retorted, adding that once he had her name, he would “check it up.”

Aside from discussing how much he loves being Grace’s “crazy uncle,” Robert also gave an update on his 19-month-old niece, whom he referred to as “the smartest member of the family” in his interview.

She’s just reaching every milestone, Robert said. “Being an uncle is so strange. It’s just incredible. Without a doubt, it’s the best job I’ve ever had. She just has so much energy. She is so resolute. She is a bright and motivated young girl.”

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