It’s the end of an era: PewDiePie is no longer YouTube’s most subscribed channel.

PewDiePie has been dethroned as YouTube’s most subscribed user, as MrBeast has taken his place.

After a dramatic shift, MrBeast has surpassed the Swedish YouTuber, effectively ending an era that spanned over half of YouTube’s existence. U.S. citizen Jimmy Donaldson’s channel has amassed the most subscribers of any individual channel on the platform despite his having uploaded fewer videos and been active for a shorter period of time.

MrBeast, who now has 111 million subscribers, barely beats PewDiePie, who has seen no growth in his own subscriber count despite a similar rate of growth in MrBeast’s. The Indian entertainment channel Tseries, YouTube Movies, Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes, SET India, and YouTube Music all rank higher than them.

YouTube has evolved from its early golden age of content, which was made primarily by amateurs, into one of the most powerful platforms for major corporations, as evidenced by the entertainment channel Tseries, which millennials and zoomers will remember as having won comprehensively.

PweDiePie Is No Longer Most Subscribed Youtuber as Mr. Beast  Takesover!

Late-night program snippets, movie trailers, sports, and outright advertisements have replaced homemade videos as the predominant content on the trending tab. MrBeast is one of the rare channels that has managed to constantly rise above the noise and is currently ranked first.

If the 24-year-old YouTuber keeps up his or her subscriber growth rate, they may pass YouTube Music for the fourth most subscribed channel by the end of 2022. PewDiePie’s decline comes as little surprise, as it seems the internet has moved on from him and his pranks. In spite of his massive popularity in the middle the to late 2010s, his key demographic may soon be adults who no longer have time to devote to his work.

For such a young man, MrBeast has become the symbol of a whole new generation coming of age in the digital age.

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