The well-known YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” recently stated that he had paid for the cataract surgery of one thousand patients. Today, March 9, 2023, he uploaded a new video to his side channel, Beast Philanthropy, in which he discussed many philanthropic causes. It shows him and his colleagues distributing shoes to kids in South Africa to the tune of twenty thousand pairs.

The internet community had mixed views of the video, with many applauding MrBeast’s unwavering dedication to doing good.

One Twitter user made a mocking remark after significant controversy arose over his prior act of charity, saying:

MrBeast has a long history of helping the less fortunate. His charitable works cover a wide spectrum, from housing the homeless to providing financial support for cataract surgery for the poor.

The filmmaker has recently made an effort to help poor kids in South Africa who had to go barefoot to school. As he explained in the video:

The YouTuber said he reached out to schools in South Africa to end the practice of students having to go barefoot by partnering with a non-profit called Barefoot No More situated in Johannesburg.

Fans Go Wild Over Mr. Beast’s Latest Video

MrBeast’s newest video has been a viral sensation. There have been nearly a million views on it since it was uploaded less than 12 hours ago.

Fans have been quick to voice their approval or disapproval of the video concept after it was widely disseminated over social media. Some Twitter responses are as follows:

What the internet had to say about MrBeast's video

In spite of Mr. Beast’s admirable philanthropic work, his movies have generated considerable discussion and criticism. For instance, after one YouTuber paid for cataract surgery for a thousand Americans in a prior video, the question of whether the government should be more involved in providing medical care for its citizens was debated at length.

The content creator’s work has unquestionably impacted the lives of countless people, regardless of the disagreement. His deeds demonstrate that everyone, regardless of status or means, can make a difference in the world.


The philanthropic efforts of YouTuber MrBeast have sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some applauding his dedication to helping others, while others criticize aspects of his approach.

Despite the controversy, MrBeast’s charitable works continue to impact the lives of many, demonstrating the power of individual action to make a difference in the world.

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