Neal Schon is suing bandmate, Jonathan Cain, saying in court papers that Cain set up an AmEx card without telling Schon and that “millions of dollars of Journey money have flowed through it.”

In the lawsuit, which was filed in Contra Costa in the Bay Area of California, Schon’s lawyers also say that Cain hasn’t given Schon the financial records he needs to know how much the band owes him.

In the last few years, the members of the band have been fighting more and more about everything from Donald Trump to an Aretha Franklin tribute. After a previous court battle with former bass player Ross Valory, Cain and Schon set up Nomota, a company that runs the band and of which they each own 50 percent.

“As a member, manager, founder, and leader of Journey, Schon has the right to see and control Nomota’s books and records,” the papers say. Schon must have unrestricted access to Nomota’s records so he can oversee and manage Nomota/Journey.”

Meanwhile, the Journey singer says that Cain has kept him in the dark about their finances, even though he has asked Cain many times to give him important financial records.

Journey Bandmates Neal Schon Fires On Jonathan Cain Over AmEx Card

The papers also say that the suit is “brought to turn on the lights” and get “critical financial information” that Schon has been trying to get but has been turned down for.

The suit says that Nomota’s records have financial information that Schon and his lawyers need to figure out how much of Journey’s profits Schon is owed as the band’s founder and president.

“Schon’s right to Journey’s profits is controlled by Cain, Schon’s bandmate whom Schon brought into the band in the 1980s. Despite all of Schon’s requests and efforts, he has not been able to get full access.”

“Among other things, Nomota’s American Express account has been set up so that only Cain can use it and see its records,” the lawsuit says. From what we know and can assume, millions of dollars have been sent to Journey through this AMEX account.”

Court documents claim that Cain has repeatedly assured Schon that his name would be put on the card without really doing so. However, according to Schon, he didn’t learn about the card from American Express until they informed him of its existence.

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