Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee says that the feud between Cardi B., Nicki Minaj, and the City Girls is “horrible for hip-hop.”

Insider quoted Hollywood Unlocked’s founder Jason Lee as saying that the feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s camps is bad for hip-hop.

Rapper Twitter beef is “horrible for hip hop” and “horrible for women,” he told Insider.

Cardi B. and Nicki Minaj have revived their long-standing feud and rap’s new guard is choosing sides

Cardi B. and Nicki Minaj have revived their long-standing feud and rap's new guard is choosing sides

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B both have new singles out now that feature rising stars.

However, the lively top-chart artists are shrouded in controversy due to their online feuds.

Lyrics and imagined drama play a large role here. Many listeners took GloRilla’s inclusion in Cardi B.’s “Tomorrow 2” as a diss to Nicki Minaj’s City Girls. Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girls” remix, which features JT, BIA, Katie Got Bandz, Akbar V, and Maliibu Miitch, was interpreted by fans as a “swear of allegiance” to Nicki rather than Cardi.

If you pay attention to the subtle digs, featured songs, and shifting alliances, you might get the impression that a full-scale war is being waged.

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Lee, a Culture Critic and One of The Loudest Voices on Black Twitter, Compared the Modern-Day Antics to Earlier Eras of Hip-Hop

Lee, a Culture Critic and One of The Loudest Voices on Black Twitter, Compared the Modern-Day Antics to Earlier Eras of Hip-Hop

Using the influence he gained from running the entertainment website Hollywood Unlocked, Lee has successfully settled scores and mediated conversations on multiple occasions. He is an avid promoter of up-and-coming artists like Cardi B. and has featured numerous interviews with them before they became famous.

In an interview with Insider, he said he is not afraid to criticize the celebrities he meets.

Lee declared to Insider, “I’m not a journalist, I’m not a blogger, I’m a culture critic.” Culture is something I criticize, promote, and promote critically, pointing out both the good and the bad.

Even when Queen Latifah, little Kim MC Light, Yoyo all, Missy Elliot — Foxy Brown, and Lil Kim had their thing, it was never like this,” he continued.

Rap has been overrun by women who aren’t afraid to call each other out in songs and, more recently, on social media, ever since the heyday of Foxy Brown and Lil’ Kim throwing sneak disses in the studio.

The words Lee, “It’s just nonsense,” sum up the general consensus. “It’s sad because it makes hip-hop look like just a catty, pissing contest when really all women should just focus on their own success and happiness.”

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The Fans Have Played a Major Role in Fueling the Feuds.

The flames have been fanned by fan pages across all platforms, which have dug up old interviews. Disputes in the spotlight only increase as more and more tweets and interviews are uncovered and shared on platforms like YouTube. For example, Maliibu Miitch was frequently mentioned in posts that threatened to diss her next. In response, she mocked Cardi B. and suggested they stop arguing in public.

Cardi B.’s fans thought she’d posted a video of herself complying with their request, but the rapper later explained that she’d actually been at her aunt’s house in the Bronx getting some chicken stew.

Social media “amplifies everything” so that “you can get the information really fast and then everybody jumps to fight,” as Lee put it. “I just find it disgusting,” he said.

Back in the day, if a woman wanted to make it in the hip-hop industry, she had to be the “first lady” and get a man to co-sign her. They’ve recently risen to the top of the charts, though sometimes their alleged “catfights” receive more media attention than their actual music.

“Women have worked hard to be included in discussions alongside men, and not as rivals. It’s not a battle of the sexes; in fact, I find those female rappers are currently at the forefront of the genre “he went on to say.

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Artists Can Be Made More Famous by These Feuds, but Can Also Find Them Limiting

Lee is worried that Akbar’s (the “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” star) inability to break into the mainstream due to these feuds.

He mentioned that “Akbar’s never had a national tour.”

Akbar recently attacked Cardi B. in a series of tweets, suggesting that the single’s sales numbers were inflated and that Offset, her husband, wasn’t as tough as he made out to be. Her Twitter was terminated soon after the argument. She was therefore unable to interact with her audience or promote her shows there.

“I know Akbar, but she spent a whole day fighting with a girl who was minding her business and dealing with her kids and her album for the sake of being a conversation, and then she lost her entire Twitter,” he said.

Sometimes, though, it does the trick. JT and Cardi B.’s Twitter beef increased the latter’s fame. The City Girls rapper has been featured on the covers of Billboard, i-D, and Popsugar, and she is currently serving as a co-executive producer on the HBO Max series “Rap Shit.” She is also romantically linked to fellow rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

But Lee reportedly intervened to keep the peace and get people talking about the music again.

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