American professional basketball player Brittney Yevette Griner plays for the Women’s National Basketball Association’s Phoenix Mercury.

Griner’s rise to prominence in the WNBA is partly attributable to her tall height. She is fifth among all-time WNBA players in height at 6-foot-8. She is an imposing presence on the court thanks to her refined centering abilities.

Griner’s extensive on-court success stands in stark contrast to her protracted personal troubles. She was targeted for bullying because of her height, which made her melancholy worse when she was a teen.

She exhibited some erratic behavior as a result, but eventually found comfort in both basketball and creative writing. Her life was improved by her concentration on her art and sport.

How Tall Is Brittney Griner?

how tall is brittney griner

The well-known basketball player is 206 centimeters tall, or 6 feet 9 inches. and she weighs 93 kilograms or 205 pounds.

Brittney Griner’s Personal Life

Griner came out as a lesbian in 2013; the following year, she signed a sponsorship agreement with Nike, making history as the first openly homosexual athlete. In her 2014 memoir In My Skin: My Life on and off the Basketball Court, co-written with Sue Hovey, Griner highlighted the difficulties she had to face as a gay African American woman.

She was a frequent speaker on LGBTQ topics. Following an incident at their house in April 2015, Griner and her then-girlfriend, WNBA player Glory Johnson, were detained on accusations of assault and disorderly conduct. They later entered a plea to disorderly behavior, and the WNBA suspended them both for seven games.

Before divorcing in 2016, the pair had twins after being married in May 2015. Griner married instructor Cherelle Watson three years later. After Brittney Griner was imprisoned in Russia, Cherelle Griner battled openly for her release.


Brittney Yevette Griner Is an American Professional Basketball Player who is 206 centimeters tall, or 6 feet 9 inches. and she weighs 93 kilograms or 205 pounds.

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