After a long fight with an unidentified illness, Bob Newhart’s wife Ginnie Newhart has passed away. 82 was a significant age for her. Jerry Digney, her publicist, told People on Monday that she “passed away Sunday, April 23rd, after a long illness.”

The 93-year-old “Elf” star also took to Twitter to break the news, writing, “She was our rock and we miss her terribly.” After the news broke, Bob’s “Newhart” co-star Julia Duffy praised Ginnie, saying that she was a “funny, candid” woman with a “huge heart.”

They “gave me the best advice in everything from decorating to childbirth and children and yes, husbands,” she tweeted. I had feelings for her. God rest the Ginnie Newhart heart. Ginnie was crucial to the success of the CBS show even though she wasn’t a main character.

In one of the best series finales in television history, Ginnie reveals that the entire program was an elaborate dream. Comedian and mutual friend Buddy Hackett arranged a blind date for the couple, who recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in January.

She remembered their meeting in an interview with City & Shore magazine in 2013. “Buddy came back one day and said in his own inimitable way, ‘I met this young guy and his name is Bobby Newhart, and he’s a comic and he’s Catholic and you’re Catholic and I think maybe you should marry each other,’ ” she said. He couldn’t have known that in 1963 those two would tie the knot and still be together 60 years later.

Bob Newhart's Wife Ginnie Passes Away At 82 After Long Illness

Bob said that the key to their happy marriage of many years was laughter in 2019. “I believe that humor is essential. As essential as oxygen to the body. He said as much to The Day back in that same year.

One of the most lovely sounds in the world is someone laughing. In some ways it resembles music. Find a line, and then glance at each other and start giggling, no matter how heated the dispute. You do realize that this has ended, right? In an interview with Parade, he elaborated on why he thinks a sense of humor is crucial to the health of a marriage.

They have ten grandkids between their children Robert Jr., Timothy, Courtney, and Jennifer.

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Bob Newhart’s wife, Ginnie Newhart, has passed away at the age of 82 after a long illness. Ginnie was known for her humor, candidness, and huge heart, and played a crucial role in Bob’s life and career.

Their marriage of 60 years was built on laughter and humor, which Bob credited as essential to their happy relationship. They leave behind four children and ten grandchildren.

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