A stalker threatened to break into American former YouTuber Jenna Marbles’ house.

On 2nd January 2023, Julien Solomita, Jenna’s long-term boyfriend, whom she married a couple of weeks back, addressed the problem through a story on Instagram where he wrote:

“Today someone broke into our house. a woman, that we don’t know, entered our home unannounced. upon her entering our back door, I immediately subdued her with OC/pepper spray and was able to lock her out. I called the police and she was apprehended and arrested.”

An Outsider Broke Into Jenna Marbles' House, Sources Claimed She Has Harassed the Pair for Two Months

He continued: “Jenna, the dogs, and myself are all safe. while this person is a complete stranger to me, they have been harassing me at my home throughout the last 2 months. This was something that for safety reasons I was doing my best to keep offline but we were notified that a media outlet had information on today’s event and are planning on running a story so I wanted you to hear what happened from me first.”

Although, Jenna Marbles hasn’t released any statement regarding the trouble that she has faced, in the end, what matters is that the couple and their dogs are all safe.

Julien, who is still a full-time content creator despite Jenna’s departure from the internet, posted a series of lovely pictures from the romantic occasion on his Instagram page on Thursday.

He wrote in the caption: “married otters <3”

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