After failing to pay her legal fees, Amber Heard filed for bankruptcy.

Since her legal team was unable to secure a victory for their client in her case against Johnny Depp, the controversial and widely admired actress AmberHeard now owes an enormous sum of money to them.

The financial crisis American actress Amber Heard has been experiencing has recently worsened after a full report was released detailing the debt she owes to her legal team.

She owes more money to her lawyers than she does to her ex-husband, the legendary American actor Johnny Depp, who she is suing for defamation.

The actress’ legal bill is reportedly over $15 million, as estimated by the media outlet DailyMail.

Aquaman’s protagonist is currently embroiled in a legal battle with her former attorneys and several insurance companies that intervened in the preliminary hearing that Depp initiated and ultimately won.

David L. Axelrod and Jay Ward Brown are the only attorneys currently representing the actress; they filed an appeal of the damaging verdict. However, she retaliated by hiring Kirk Pasch’s team, instructing them to pay the full sum of $15,000,000 for their legal fees.

She is now facing imminent bankruptcy because her net worth of $8 million is far below her debt load of $25 million.

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