The well-known Korean web book Who Made Me a Princess has been turned into an anime series as well as a manga. The Who Made Me a Princess anime adaptation has been much anticipated by readers of the novel and manga.

Who Made Me a Princess

The series traces the adventures of Athanasia de Alger Obelia, a South Korean girl who, as the abandoned princess of the Obelian Empire, reincarnated into the made-up novel The Lovely Princess. The story’s terrible father, Claude de Alger Obelia, strangled Athanasia cruelly after accusing her of poisoning the beloved princess Jennette Margarita.

Athanasia feels that in order to live and avert her terrible destiny, she needs to develop a close relationship with her new father.

Who Made Me A Princess Release Date

The PV was reportedly posted to the IQIYL Chinese website, and the release date has not yet been disclosed.

Since December 20, 2017, the webtoon series has been serialized on a number of sites, including Ridibooks, Kakao Page, Naver Series, Tappytoon, and Tapas. Three seasons and 85 episodes have been released thus far.

The series’ charming characters, captivating plot, and exquisite artwork have all contributed to its passionate fan base.

Who Made Me A Princess Release Date

It was formally revealed at the IQIYI World Conference on May 10, 2023, that a Donghua (Chinese animation) version of the series will be released in 2024. A promotional film was also made available. Fans were excited to see their embellished webtoon come to life and gave the trailer favorable reviews.

Colored Pencil Animations is the producer of the Donghua adaption. Wang Wei, who has directed numerous fantasy and romantic donghua such as Psychic Princess and The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife, is the donghua’s director.

The webtoon story will likely be closely followed by the series, while it might include new scenes or make changes to fit the format. Viewers can anticipate seeing the endearing exchanges between Athanasia and Claude, Lucas’s enigmatic past, Jennette’s terrible destiny, and the romance between Athanasia and her suitor.

The actual release date of Who Made Me a Princess has not yet been disclosed, although it is expected to occur in 2024. Those who are interested in learning more about the Donghua adaptation should monitor iQIYI’s official website or social media accounts.

Who Made Me A Princess Story and Scenery

Athanasia de Alger Obelia, a South Korean girl who finds herself reincarnated into the world of a fictional novel called The Lovely Princess, takes us on an engrossing trip in The Who Made Me a Princess series. She plays the part of the Obelian Empire’s abandoned princess in this tale.

Who Made Me a Princess Story and Scenery

When Athanasia’s father, Claude de Alger Obelia, wrongly accuses her of poisoning the cherished princess Jennette Margarita and brutally ends her life, her fate takes a cruel turn. Athanasia feels that she needs to develop a loving relationship with her new father in order to alter her terrible fate.

The web novel’s deep plotlines and nuanced relationships are faithfully portrayed in the anime adaptation. The engrossing characters and surprising turns of Who Made Me a Princess will entice viewers into its fascinating universe.


A webtoon series called Who Made Me a Princess has won over many readers’ hearts with its endearing plot and cast of characters. Fans will be able to see the realization of their beloved webcomic in the highly awaited Donghua adaptation, which will give the webtoon series a new outlook.

Drawing inspiration from Plutus’ web novel Who Made Me A Princess, Spoon illustrates the series. Harley Takes the House and Beware of the Brothers are two further works by Plutus. Because the author writes under a pen name and has released very little information, not much is known about them.

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