The anime series My Happy Marriage is presently in its first season, but viewers are interested in knowing if a second season has been ordered. The main character of the anime My Happy Marriage, which is set in a different timeline of the 19th-century Meiji restoration period, is Miyo Saimori, who becomes engaged to Kiyoka Kudou.

My Happy Marriage

Miyo’s friends’ gossip leads her to believe Kiyoka is heartless at first. However, Miyo quickly discovers Kiyoka’s true nature and starts to fall in love with him.

This page contains all the information we currently know about the release date and details for My Happy Marriage Season 2.

When Will My Happy Marriage Season 2 Be Available?

Since Kinema Citrus and the anime’s creators haven’t declared that My Happy Marriage will be renewed for a second season, there isn’t an official release date for Season 2 as of this writing. Fans of the anime can anticipate the debut of My Happy Marriage Season 2 in 2024–2025, though.

When Will My Happy Marriage Season 2 Be Available?

My Happy Marriage Season 2’s anticipated release date of 2024 is a result of the first season’s recent release and unfinished status. The 2024–2025 timeline is even more plausible because it would take several months to a year to finish the voice recording and animation if the series is renewed.

Based on the information available to us at the time of writing, this date is an estimate.

The official summary of “My Happy Marriage” is as follows:

“Miyo’s abusive family views her as unworthy, but with the help of her strong future spouse, her true nature and abilities gradually come to light.”

The Cast of My Happy Marriage Season 2: Who Will Return?

The primary voice actors in both Japanese and English that we anticipate returning for My Happy Marriage season two are as follows:

  • Miyo Saimori, portrayed by Miranda Parkin in English and Reina Ueda in Japanese
  • Damien Haas (English) and Kaito Ishikawa (Japanese) as Kiyoka Kudou
  • Kouji Tatsuishi, portrayed by English actor Michael Lorz and Japanese actor Kotaro Nishiyama
  • Kana Ueda (Japanese) and Erica Schroeder (English) as Kanoko Saimori
  • Ayane Sakura (Japanese) and Lizzie Freeman (English) as Kaya Saimori
  • Richard Tatum (English) and Hiroshi Yanaka (Japanese) as Shinichi Saimori
  • Yoshito Godou, portrayed by English actor Cedric Williams and Japanese actor Hiro Shimono.
  • Houko Kuwashima (Japanese) and Karen Huie (English) as Yurie
  • Ryohei Kimura (Japanese) and Ryan Colt Levy (English) as Arata Tsuruki
  • Kazushi Tatsuishi, portrayed by Ryan Colt Levy in English and Toshinari Fukamachi in Japanese
  • Akira Ishida (Japanese) and Kayleigh McKee (English) as Takaihito

But, based on that magnificent conclusion, neither Richard Tatum nor Takayuki Sugo will return to the role of the Emperor.

What Will Happen in Season 2 of My Happy Marriage?

It’s true that Miyo has incredible powers—far more so than Kiyoka, and that says it all—but they haven’t fully manifested yet.

If My Happy Marriage didn’t give us more of that bottled magic, it would be cruelty on a Kanoko level. The Netflix deities couldn’t possibly be so hideous (see what we did there).

What Will Happen in Season 2 of My Happy Marriage?

It would also make sense for season two to start right after the finale’s events. The Emperor’s actions will undoubtedly have long-lasting effects.

Is it possible that all the Grotesqueries have vanished and that Miyo has killed everyone involved in letting those demons go in one fell swoop? It would not be a stretch to think that there may have been other participants.

Beyond that, we would anticipate the reappearance of Miyo’s malevolent paternal family, the Saimoris. Something tells us that they will see their downfall as justification for retaliation if Miyo is happy.

Is There A Trailer For My Happy Marriage Season 2?

Regretfully, not very soon. We’ll keep you informed, but we’d wager on a sneak preview of the upcoming season sometime in mid-2024.

My Happy Marriage’s first season is currently streaming on Netflix.

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