To become a soccer superpower in Japan, all that is needed is one thing.” And that is the creation of a revolutionary striker.” He is known as Ego Jinpachi.

In October 2022, the popular Weekly Shonen Magazine manga Blue Lock will be turned into an anime. High-stakes action and strong young men are what you can expect from a show starring 300 youngsters and a man who wants to build the perfect striker for the Japanese national soccer team.

Blue Lock Anime Release Date:

Blue Lock Anime Release Date

It will premiere in October 2022, as part of the Fall 2022 anime season, and it will be called Blue Lock-On Blue Lock’s official website, the release date was stated as “coming soon” (in Japanese).

TV Asahi’s NUMAnimation block will air the anime in Japan. This programming block airs on Sundays at 1:30 AM Japanese time and is presently hosting A Couple of Cuckoos.

Programs in the NUMAnimation block tend to premiere later than other series in the anime season. Salaryman’s Club, which aired before A Couple of Cuckoos, debuted on January 30.

If this pattern continues, we can anticipate that Blue Lock may premiere either on Sunday 23 or Sunday 30 in Japan.

To accommodate audiences in North America and Europe, Blue Lock episodes are scheduled to air on Saturdays.

Blue Lock Anime Plot:

Blue Lock Anime Release Date

Because her colleagues only care about making a profit, JFA manager Anri Teieri recognizes when Japan is knocked out of the World Cup quarterfinals by Belgium, that her country’s football can no longer advance because her colleagues only care about making a profit.

As a result, she gave her blessing to Jinpachi Ego’s “Blue Lock” idea, in which 300 of Japan’s top high school football players would be selected and sent to a specialized academy. On the list is Yoichi Isagi, a high school national championship qualifier who dropped out because he lacked the confidence to score the equalizer and instead chose to transfer the ball to a teammate with less talent, who utterly failed.

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In order to become the strongest striker in the world and lead Japan to football glory, Isagi will have to compete in a competitive atmosphere with cutting-edge technologies and formidable rivals at Blue Lock, which wants to transform one of the 300 young athletes.

When Ego and Teieri started their project, they wanted to make history by bringing together the best Blue Lock players in the team named Blue Lock Eleven, which included Isagi, to face the official Japan Under-20 team; if they won, the Blue Lock players would represent Japan at this year’s Under-20 World Cup in the event of a victory.

Blue Lock Anime Cast:

Blue Lock Anime Release Date

We don’t know anything about the cast of Blue Lock at this point. We already know the names of some of the voice actors, but we’ll have to wait a little longer to learn who the rest are. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of anticipated characters, and we’ll update it as fresh details emerge. Blue Lock is expected to feature the following characters:

  • Yoichi Isagi is a second-year student. He played as a striker on the Ichinan High School football team. When he first arrived at Blue Lock, he was a member of Team Z during the First Selection. His main goal is to become the best striker in the world. This is the protagonist. He is voiced by Kazuki Ura.
  • Ryōsuke Kirais a striker who plays for Matsukaze Kokuō; was also invited to Blue Lock.
  • Meguru Bachira is a temperamental striker who plays by following his instincts. When he arrived at Blue Lock, he was a member of Team Z during the First Selection. His goal was to find rivals to play against who also have a “monster” in them. He dreams of becoming the best striker in the world. He is voiced by Tasuku Kaito.
  • Rensuke Kunigami is a hot-headed striker whose goal is to become a soccer superhero. When he arrived at Blue Lock, he was a member of the Z team during the first selection. He is voiced by Yūki Ono.
  • Hyoma Chigiri is a prodigy striker. He wants to become the best striker in the world like his rivals. He is voiced by Sōma Saitō
  • Shōei Barō is a member of Team X when first selected at Blue Lock.
  • Seishiro Nagi is a member of Blue Lock. His goal is to play football and continue to find worthy opponents to satisfy his curiosity and test his ever-growing skills. In high school, Nagi was a solitary student. He starts playing football following his meeting with his friend, Reo Mikage.
  • Rin Itoshi is Sae Itoshi’s younger brother and started playing soccer with him. Rin played as a striker in all the teams he was in, always being one of the best players. This is the deuteragonist.
  • Reo Mikage is the heir of the Mikage Corporation, whose total fortune is estimated at 705.8 billion yen. Before entering Blue Lock, he was a student at an elite high school, where he met his first longtime friend, Seishiro Nagi. He started playing football with him soon after. Being a young man who has everything going for him, his one and only desire is to win the FIFA World Cup.
  • Jingo Raichi is a Japanese soccer striker. Upon arriving at Blue Lock, Raichi was a member of Team Z during the First Selection.
  • Wataru Kuon is a Japanese soccer player who plays as a center-forward. When he arrived at Blue Lock, he was a member of Team Z, where he was the main strategist.
  • Okuhito Iemon is a Japanese striker. When he arrived at Blue Lock, he was a member of Team Z and played as a goalie.

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Blue Lock Trailer:

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