How did the rumours that they were dating start?

There have been plenty of rumours surrounding 21 savage and Latto being an official item. These rumours started when the two Georgia artists collaborated on the song Wheelie.

21 savage and latto on the set of wheelie

However Wheelie is not the first track that the two have collaborated on. She mentioned on an interview that she’s even opened for 21 savage’s concert back when she was 15 or 16.

Fans first suspected that the two were romantically involved after Savage shared a photo of Latto’s bare face calling her fine which he quickly deleted later.

There were also hints spotted by fans on both of their Instagram accounts that the two were vacationing in Puerto Rico while celebrating Latto’s 22nd birthday.

After the release of her 777 album, shared an exchange with her rumoured boyfriend where he congratulated her and said, “Everything is falling in place for you”.

She responded to the message with a photo of herself crying tears of happiness at the hookah bar. When fans criticised her for celebrating the bare minimum she was quick to defend her man.


Latto has spoken about not wanting to make her relationship public because most of her life is aired out to the public as it is. She has never confirmed nor denied the dating rumours with Savage.

However Latto has been consistently vocal about having a mystery man in her life. She has been supporting all of 21’s endeavours loudly as well.

Recently Savage denied rumours of having a celebrity girlfriend during a Clubhouse chat. He refused to comment on it further.

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