LandscapeinsightSNAP Benefits, which used to be called Food Stamps, has been an important lifeline for low-income and no-income families across the United States for a long time.

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to destroy businesses and ways of making a living, SNAP benefits are even more important to make sure that millions of Americans can still get food.

State-Specific Protocols

People who got SNAP used to get paper coupons in the mail, but the program has changed over time. At the moment, people who are accepted get an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card with credit that can be used at stores that accept it to buy food and drinks.

SNAP is run by each state, even though it gets money from the federal government. Each state is in charge of its own rules and processes. Because this is not a unified system, changes and updates to programs may be very different between states.

In many places, changes to the law are being thought about that could have a big impact on people who use SNAP. Arizona, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, Ohio, and West Virginia are some of the states that want to make these changes.

New Era for SNAP Benefits

Some of the changes that are being considered are raising the income limits for people who want to apply for SNAP, changing the requirements for qualifying, and limiting the purchases of certain foods and drinks.

2024 SNAP Changes: Which States Could Face Altered Eligibility Standards

Also, more and more states are taking part in similar legislative efforts. This means that the way SNAP funds are given out across the country may change.

For the millions of Americans who rely on SNAP to put food on the table, this is the start of a new era for the program. This change gives the state more control over the program.

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Advocates and people who use SNAP need to stay up to date on these changes and stay active in the legislative process.

We will continue to keep people and families informed about any changes that affect SNAP payments in each state so that they can figure out how to handle these changes.

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