Tommy Dorfman, a well-known actress best known for playing Ryan Shaver in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, was born on May 13, 1992, in the United States (2017)

Tommy Dorfman Claimed She Would Have Made the Transition Sooner

Tommy Dorfman, an actress, publicly announced her transgender identity in a Time article a little over a year ago. If she hadn’t been a part of the popular Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” she claimed, she could have come out sooner.

“I think if I hadn’t secured that work, I would’ve started transitioning a lot sooner,” Dorfman said on Rachel Bilson’s podcast “Broad Ideas.”

My work, I said in an interview, “I think since it was so tied to my body and like face and like identity, and whatever I’d been recognized as it delayed some of my growth and maturation in my mid-20s.”

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Private Life

Dorfman is gay.

Dorfman and Peter Zurkuhlen got hitched on November 12, 2016, in Portland, Maine, after becoming engaged in April 2015. Dorfman confirmed in July 2021 that she and Zurkuhlen had divorced but remained friends.

Dorfman began using the pronouns and came out as non-binary in November 2017. Dorfman started referring to herself as a transgender woman and came out as such on July 22, 2021.

She admitted in an interview that for about a year she had already been “privately identifying and living as a woman.” In honor of her mother’s brother, who passed away when Dorfman was just a month old, Dorfman said she decided to keep her birth name of Tommy, to which she feels “extremely bonded.” Dorfman came out as a lesbian in April 2022.

The Evolution of Tommy Dorfman

When Dorfman was chosen for “13 Reasons Why,” she was only 24 years old and was having gender identity issues. In contrast, Dorfman’s portrayal as a gay, cisgender man in the series—a contentious but popular teen drama that premiered in 2017—led her to “compartmentalize” the parts of herself that doubted her identity.

In response to being chosen for the role, she praised the show’s creators and said, “For me, I feel like I kind of got trapped in time for a minute.” Regarding “anything around dysphoria or gender or stuff that had already been really present,” I was like, “Nah, that’s not for now.”

She has been sober since she was 21 years old, Dorfman informed Bilson, drawing comparisons between her first year of sobriety and her first year as an out trans woman. She explained that everything she’s doing this time is in the public eye.

As a woman, Dorfman claimed, “I felt like I had to perform all those things again.” I face new challenges as a result of changes in my body that are triggered by things like hormones.

Dorfman underwent a private transition a year before her interview with Time in 2021. She considered the remark to be a “reintroduction to me as a woman.”

Tommy Dorfman Before His Surgery

Last year, Tommy Dorfman publicly identified as a trans woman. On July 22, 2021, Dorfman, who was 29 at the time, shared the good news on Instagram along with pictures from a Time magazine photo shoot in which she was dressed in a variety of gorgeous gowns and high heels.

tommy dorfman before and after

I’m eager to reintroduce myself as the lady I’ve grown into. Before thanking Time for running Dorfman’s tale, she added in the post, “My pronouns are she/her.”

She stated, “I’m especially grateful to every single trans person who traveled this road, shattered barriers, and risked their lives to live honestly and passionately as themselves before me.”

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Tommy Dorfman Before and After

I want to say thank you to all the trans women in my life who have supported me and helped me discover who I am, accept who I am, and learn to stand up for myself.

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