“Instagram won’t let me log in,” is among the most frequent grievances we receive from Instagram users.

Let’s look at a potential solution. Among the largest social media networks worldwide is Instagram.

Instagram, which has more than a billion users globally, is the meeting place for millions of influencers, companies, social media marketers, and individuals who like sharing original material.

However, as Instagram has its share of problems, this does not imply that it is perfect. One of the most frequent problems Instagram users have is a login error, which indicates they are unable to access their accounts. Currently, there are numerous causes for this.

In this article, we’ll talk about several Instagram login issues, such as the “Instagram will not let me log in” issue, and how to resolve it.

Why There Are Problems With Instagram Logging In

1. Instagram is down

The majority of Instagram problems are caused by this. Instagram’s server can momentarily go down if too many users are utilizing it at once. In a few hours, the Instagram team should have this resolved.

2.  You are not connected to the Internet

While resolving any Instagram issues, it’s wise to double-verify the Internet connection. It is understandable that you are unable to access Instagram if you are not online or if your connection is unreliable.

3.  You entered the wrong info or password

You will undoubtedly receive the “can’t log in to Instagram” problem if you use the incorrect username or password. A few individuals entered @ in the username field, while others mixed capital and lowercase characters, while yet others unintentionally added extra spaces to the character string. Whatever the situation, the outcome is always the same: you are unable to use Instagram.

4. The Instagram bug

This is among the rarest instances. If you are able to log in to Instagram on multiple devices although your username and password are right, it may be an Instagram bug. It’ll shortly be fixed by the devs.

How to Fix Instagram Cannot Logging In Errors

1. Check if the Instagram server is down

When the server is down, Instagram cannot be logged in issues occur. To check the Instagram server status, a plethora of web tools are available. Additionally, you can monitor Twitter to determine whether people are simultaneously complaining about the same issue. You can, however, completely disregard this and attempt to use Instagram the following day or a few hours later. It should be normal for the server again.

2. Check your username and password

why cant i log into instagram

Are you certain you are logging into Instagram with the right username and password? Possibly not. If so, how can I figure out what my username and password are?

  • Access the email account you used to sign up for Instagram.
  • Open your inbox and locate the email that was provided to you from Instagram. Your Instagram username ought to appear in those emails.
  • It is impossible to recover a lost password. You can use the phone number or email address to reset the password, though.
  • On your phone, open the Instagram app.
  • Select Get help with signing in on an Android device or forgetting your password on an iPhone from the login screen.
  • Tap Next after entering the email address or username associated with your Instagram account.
  • Check your email and reset the password by following the instructions.

3. Use several methods to log in

If your Instagram account is linked, there are numerous more ways to access it. Users can currently log in to Instagram using Facebook and an SMS code.

Click the Facebook or phone icon on the Instagram sign-in page, then follow the on-screen instructions to log in.

4. Log into Instagram on your PC

You cannot log in to Instagram on any device, even if you have the correct username and password, as indicated in the section above when there is an Instagram bug.

Try checking in to Instagram on a desktop computer by visiting instagram.com, and see if the “can’t log in to Instagram error” recurs. Please notify the Instagram support staff if you are still unable to.

5. Update the Instagram app

The most recent version of Instagram can assist with many issues and may permanently prohibit you from accessing your account if you are using an older version.

You can search for Instagram in the App Store or Google Play to update the Instagram app. If you’re not using the most recent version of Instagram, there ought to be an upgrade option next to the app.

6. Restart Instagram

why cant i log into instagram

Restarting Instagram is a workaround for issues where the app isn’t allowing you to log in.

Long-tapping the Home symbol, navigating to the Instagram interface, and swiping up is the simplest method for restarting the Instagram app. When you return, open Instagram once more.

7. Reload the page

The generation of caches is the reason for Instagram’s inability to log in when it occurs on your computer. It might help to refresh the pages.

Press CTRL + F5 multiple times to refresh the page in Windows. For Mac users, press Command + Option + R.

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