There has always been a human curiosity about the things that best characterize them as individuals; from quizzes to exams, TikTok has seen everything, and its users are now more eager than ever to discover their true hue.

TikTokers are having trouble locating a reliable source for the viral online quiz. The fact that the instructions and results are only available in Korean adds another layer of difficulty to an already challenging task.

Humans have always been fascinated by aspects that may best identify their personalities – from quizzes to tests, we’ve seen a lot of craziness on TikTok, and people are now keen to find out what color they are.

The online fun quiz is gaining popularity, but TikTokers are having difficulty locating the correct source. As if obtaining these lesser-known personality tests, which are incredibly fascinating, wasn’t difficult enough, the instructions and results are in Korean, making it much more difficult.

Don’t worry, we’ve got all you need to know about what this viral personality test is, where to get it, and how to translate it to English, so keep reading to learn everything.

Where Can I Get Tik Tok’s Viral “What’s Your Personality Color” Test?

What Is This TikTok's Viral Test "Your Personality Color"? Where to Find It?

The color personality test was developed by a Korean website named You may take the test and find out what color you are by clicking here if you understand the language.

One of the main reasons why many people feel the findings are so exact is the test’s relationship to the well-known Myers-Briggs personality indicator, also known as the 16 personalities.

The directions for this one, like any other online exam or quiz, are straightforward. Scroll down to the “Go to Test” section. After you choose that, you will be asked a few lighthearted questions to discover your personality.

The result will be shown instantly once you answer all 12 questions. The questions mostly focus on your emotions about certain events and the life choices you favor.

The result also explains what each color symbolizes and how it characterizes you as a person. Apart from this, the website displays do’s and don’ts in terms of which colors suit, and which do not.

You can also watch the instructions through this video:

How to Translate the Test

What Is This TikTok's Viral Test "Your Personality Color"? Where to Find It?

Since the quiz is in the Korean language, most people find it difficult to understand. However, sometimes, the quiz gives the option to translate to English, but in case, the quiz does not immediately translate for you, please follow the procedures below.

For iPhone and Safari users:

  • Find the symbol ‘AA’ in the search box at the top of the page.
  • Select it, then touch Translate to English.

Quiz through Google:

  • Select the Google symbol ‘G’ in the search bar and then English.

Tiktok Users React

It seems like TikTok users are delighted with the test results as most of them find quite relatable results and also claim a change in how they are feeling. Check out some of the best reactions on Twitter below.

“i luv the lil color personality test, true into,” one user wrote.

Another user tweeted: “This color personality test trended in S.Korea rn even celebrities also did this too! Tried it and wow it’s very accurate. I got Alice Blue! The part where I’m often got sick due to stress which was also true!”

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