Overhead doors are an elegant design feature that allow for quick transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, providing easy transitions. Their durability withstands weather elements as well as impacts from door users.

High traffic areas demand durable doors that can withstand constant use without becoming ineffective or dysfunctional. Overhead coiling doors provide just that feature while remaining effective and functional. Mississauga professionals for your overhead door needs can customize options to best suit your home. With all these benefits in mind, there’s no doubt overhead doors are an excellent choice for any home.


Overhead doors are long-term investments for homeowners. Their robustness withstands heavy use and weather conditions without incurring expensive repair or maintenance bills.

Commercial spaces and warehouses need durable overhead doors to ensure secure storage or operations. These tend to be larger than residential doors for accommodating wider spaces. Furthermore, these come in various styles to match the design of each facility.

Coiling overhead doors, commonly referred to as rolling steel doors, come in light-, medium- and heavy-gauge gauges to suit a range of applications and needs. They’re built for industrial usage and can handle frequent openings and closings per day without experiencing wear and tear.

Energy Efficiency

When considering ways to enhance your home, investing in an insulated overhead door is a smart move. Not only will it increase property values and energy efficiency but can save on utility bills too.

Commercial garage doors differ significantly from their residential counterparts in that they’re designed for heavy duty use and can withstand multiple opening and closing cycles throughout the day, weather conditions, etc. Commercial doors also tend to last much longer due to being weatherproof.

OGD provides a range of residential wood overhead doors designed to match any design aesthetic or style imaginable, giving our doors the “wow factor”. Give us a call now to see how we can add that “WOW!” factor!


Overhead garage doors can be very attractive features to your home. Available in various models, styles, colors and windows options – glass overhead doors in particular allow natural light to fill your room while simultaneously maintaining privacy.

Homeowners have increasingly become creative when it comes to using garage doors. Many are taking unique approaches in using them in ways that add visual interest and value to their homes.

Carriage house style overhead doors add a touch of elegance to your home with their intricate woodwork, large handles, cross planks, custom hinges and beautiful windows. Although more maintenance may be necessary due to needing to be stained every few years, the resultant beauty more than makes up for any additional effort involved in maintaining these beauties. If you want something special in your home then Overhead Door Sales and Service may help create the perfect carriage house overhead door solution!


Quality commercial overhead doors are designed to make working conditions more comfortable for employees while delivering durability and security for your business. This can save money on operating costs while helping avoid downtime due to damaged or defective overhead doors.

An efficient warehouse overhead door should be designed with all its components sealed off to protect them against heavy usage without needing to be opened and closed multiple times each day, weather and potential damages.

Modern overhead doors are designed to make it difficult, if not impossible, for unwanted intruders to open without an opener or override code – providing your property with added security while helping prevent burglaries or break-ins.

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