After shattering a tablet on Sunday during an NFL game, Tom Brady has apologized for his actions.

The quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his squad faced the New Orleans Saints over the weekend. Brady was seen hurling a tablet while on the sidelines of the field in fury before the Buccaneers won the game, 20-10, and many social media users published a video of the incident all over Twitter.

The 45-year-old athlete apologized for his conduct on Sunday night in a video shared on Twitter. Referring to the Buccaneers’ “excellent win to get to 2-0” in the 2022 football season, he opened the clip by praising his team’s performance.

In spite of this, he said that “the nasty” moments “matter too,” before recognizing that his on-field rage had gone viral.

“Sorry for damaging that tablet,” he said. I believe that will become another Twitter meme or something similar. He added, “Flying home to Tampa.” Prepare for the coming week. Let’s go; Green Bay is coming to town.

Brady’s video has received more than 626,800 views as of September 19; numerous Twitter users have criticized him for tossing the iPad in the first place.

“The screaming and flinging of tablets are becoming old. Dude, it’s week two. You’re the one that fumbled unforced,” one wrote. “You’re the one tossing the ball over the defense.

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Tom Brady Apologizes After Breaking Tablet During "Ugly" NFL Game

All game long, a shaky O-Line kept you standing. There is a thin line separating passion and complaining. “I’m a tremendous supporter and delighted with the victory! Bucs, go! However, you need to control your temper. Your children and our young people alike look up to you as a role model. Another person wrote, “Tom, not a nice appearance.

“Happy when you win,” a third individual exclaimed. crying after a defeat. Nobody in NFL history has ever been a bigger sore loser than you, Tom.

According to CNN, the seven-time Super Bowl champion threw a Microsoft tablet to the ground during the third quarter of the game on Sunday because he was upset with the score and the Saints’ lead at the moment.

The incident has sparked several memes, one of which was shared by sports anchor Kyle Burger. Burger tweeted two videos of Brady throwing a tablet, one from Sunday’s game and the other from a future game against the New Orleans Saints in 2021.

Burger made light of the similarity in the caption by saying: “The Microsoft tablet might want to sit out the next Tom Brady game against the Saints.”

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