Australian actor, singer-songwriter, and musician Alan Fletcher were born on March 30, 1957, in Sydney.

Fletcher, best known for his role as Karl Kennedy in the soap opera Neighbours, is married to Jackie Woodburne, who played his sister in Cop Shop.

Aside from Home and Away actors Ray Meagher and Lynne McGranger, Fletcher is the third longest-serving actor in an Australian television series.


Alan Fletcher Illness

After graduating from Wesley College and moving to Perth to pursue his acting career, Fletcher appeared in Cop Shop from 1982 until the show’s end in 1983. An earlier role in the US sitcom The Love Boat (1981) as well as several Australian feature films, TV movies, and miniseries such as Fran and Mercy Mission preceded his role in this one.

As Greg Cooper, a dishonest boxer who works in Jim Robinson’s (Alan Dale) garage, appeared in Neighbours for a brief period of time in the year 1987. Fletcher was cast in the role of Karl Kennedy in the soap opera in 1994 and has been playing the part ever since.

At the Melbourne Comedy Theatre in 2005, Fletcher portrayed Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady. The Media, Entertainment, and Arts Alliance count him as a prominent member, and it was in this capacity that he voiced his disapproval of the 2004 US-Australia Free Trade Agreement, which he did on the political talk show Meet the Press.

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In Call Girl the Musical, where he played Frank McGee, and in Peter Pan at His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen, where he played Captain Hook.

Fundraising for the Whitelion charity required Fletcher to spend a night in Old Melbourne Gaol in 2011. Stefan Dennis, Jordy Lucas, and Valentina Novakovic each had to raise $1,000 to help Fletcher break out of Neighbours.

He and Saskia Hampele presented the British Soap Awards’ Best Newcomer award to Joseph Thompson in May 2013. In March 2015, Fletcher appeared in Neighbours 30th: The Stars Reunite, a documentary commemorating the show’s 30th anniversary in Australia and the UK.

‘People are going to be shocked,’ says Neighbours’ Alan Fletcher when asked about his health.

Alan Fletcher Illness

According to the soap’s official Twitter account, Fletcher has responded to the criticisms. “A lot of fans have expressed a little concern about my health on the internet and there have been some media inquiries as well, so I just wanted to put something to rest,” he tweeted in response.

He went on to say, “I’m fine, I’m working on Neighbours and having a great time. I’m in great shape.

“However, I can tell you that I suffer from a condition known as alopecia areata.”

When Will Smith and Chris Rock got into a fight over a quip about Will Smith’s wife at the Oscars, it was because of this.

As the American Academy of Dermatology Association explains, alopecia areata is a condition that occurs when the body attacks its own hair follicles (AAD).

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This can lead to hair loss on any part of the body, including the scalp.

A round or oval bald patch appears on the scalp of many people who are diagnosed with alopecia aerate, according to the article’s conclusion.

Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia diagnosis at the Oscars, making fun of her hair loss.

A jab at her husband and Best Actor winner Will Smith resulted in him slapping the comedian across the face on stage during the awards ceremony.

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