Fans have been waiting impatiently for “Resident Alien” season 3, but the continual strikes have put them in suspense. Although the exact release date is still unknown, there is a lot to learn about the next chapter of this oddball dramedy.

Resident Alien

We go into the specifics in this piece, covering the plot’s emphasis, the cast’s expectations, and how the strikes might affect the film’s release.

Latest News on Resident Alien Season 3

By May 2023, Resident Alien Season 3 was finished, although not much has been announced about the show since. However, there’s no need to worry because there’s an obvious explanation: the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Latest News on Resident Alien Season 3

The confirmation of the release date is, of course, the next significant announcement for Resident Alien Season 3. As of September 2023, there is no indication of when this will happen, and it is probable that SyFy won’t make an announcement until the strikes are over.

Season 3 of Resident Alien Has Been Renewed

Resident Alien’s upcoming season has been confirmed. Shortly before the second half of season 2 premiered in August of that year, the third season of the show was renewed in July of 2022.

Season 3 of Resident Alien has been renewed.

Nevertheless, SyFy has made some changes, as Deadline reports that the Resident Alien order contains fewer episodes for season 3. Resident Alien season 3 will only contain eight episodes, compared to the previous seasons’ twelve episodes.

When Does Resident Alien Season 3 Come Out?

The release date for Season 3 is not yet known. It was expected that the show would premiere in 2023 since it was renewed in July 2022 (according to Deadline). There isn’t a trailer or other promotional material for the upcoming season of Resident Alien yet, which may be a result of the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes that started in May.

It’s probable that SyFy will release season three in 2024. At least it is known that filming was completed by May 2023 according to an Instagram post by actress Sara Tomko, so perhaps the wait for the release date won’t be too long.

The Cast of Resident Alien Season 3

It is anticipated that the majority of the cast will return for Resident Alien season 3, making up nearly the entire ensemble from previous seasons. The actor who plays Firefly, Alan Tudyk, will play extraterrestrial intruder Harry Vanderspeigle once more.

The Terminator’s Linda Hamilton is returning as General McCallister, who is expected to play a significant part in season 3 and has turned into one of Harry’s supporters after attempting to capture him in seasons 1 and 2.

The Cast of Resident Alien Season 3

In addition, the following members of the Resident Alien season 2 cast have been confirmed to return:

Sara Tomko as Asta Twelvetrees

D’Arcy Bloom, played by Alice Wetterlund

Sheriff Thompson, played by Corey Reynolds

Deputy Baker Elizabeth Bowen

Mayor Hawthorne, played by Levi Fiehler

Kendrick Lamar as Kate Hawthorne

Max Prehn as Judah

Dan Twelvetrees, played by Gary Famer

Joseph Rainer, played by Enver Gjokaj

Notable celebrity cameos have also appeared in previous seasons of the show. In season 2, George Takei (Star Trek) voiced a Grey alien, while Alex Borstein (Family Guy) played Carlyn. While none have been announced as of yet, it is also likely that Resident Alien season 3 will have some celebrity cameos.

The Plot of Resident Alien Season 3

In the previous season’s finale, Harry and General McCallister resolved to set aside their differences and cooperate in the face of a far more serious existential threat: the Greys’ imminent invasion. Creator Chris Sheridan has made it apparent that the narrative of the town of Patience and its citizens will remain at the center of the Resident Alien season 3 plot, even though the sci-fi aspects of the plot are picking up steam in this season.

The Plot of Resident Alien Season 3

By the end of season 2, a large number of Patience locals had discovered Harry’s extraterrestrial origins; this will probably have an impact on Resident Alien season 3. The final scene of season 2 had the menacing Joseph Rainer interviewing to become a sheriff’s deputy; this will undoubtedly be a major story piece when Resident Alien season 3 premieres on SyFy.


In conclusion, season three of “Resident Alien” promises to delve more into the oddball yet lovable town of Patience, the fallout from Harry’s alien identity being revealed, and the difficulties that the characters we’ve come to know so well will face.

Fans are eager to return to Patience to discover the next chapter in the life of the extraterrestrial who chose mankind over annihilation, despite the strikes casting a shadow of doubt over the release date.

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