In search of the ideal TikTok birthday cake? Even Charli and Dixie D’Amelio would be amazed by the 7 finest sites HITC has identified to get one!

But if you want to give it a more unique touch, we also show you how to make your own TikTok cake, which is ideal for any aspiring star. Learn more below.

A Tiktok Birthday Cake Is Available in 7 Locations

For any aspiring TikToker, HITC has discovered 7 locations where you can buy excellent TikTok cakes in the US and the UK.

1) Handmade by Aquila | Based in Texas

2) Tampa Bae Cakes | Based in Florida

3) Maria Dean Cakes | Based in London

4) Candles & Cakes Essex | Based in Essex

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5) Lades Cakes and Bakes | Based in Florida

6) Treats & Sweets Cakery | Based in Florida

7) Hassan’s Baking Co. | Based in Chicago

Make Your Own Tiktok Birthday Cake: A Guide

HITC has provided step-by-step directions on how to create the ideal TikTok birthday cake.


  • Any three flavors of sponges.
  • Iced with buttercream.
  • tinted fondant
  • colored frosting

1) To begin, make three sponge cakes of your choice’s flavor from scratch or buy them.

2) After that, use rainbow icing to make circles on each sponge cake until the cake is mostly covered, leaving space around the borders so that they may be easily layered.

3) Arrange the three sponges in a layer, making sure they are all level. After that, trim the cake’s side with a knife to hide the dark sponge underneath.

4) Ice the cake with white buttercream and decorate the sides. Chill for 20 to 30 minutes.

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5) While the cake is chilling, make a pair of headphones that will rest on top of it out of pre-made fondant.

Roll out the fondant and cut it into a long, rectangular shape that resembles a headband to do this. The cake pan should then be covered in fondant to keep it in form. The fondant will set and maintain its shape if placed on a food dehydrator for one to two hours.

6) To create the icing embellishments, roll out fondant in various colors and cut around templates of TikTok icons with a knife.

7) The cake ought to be refrigerated at this stage. Make sure to evenly distribute the buttercream icing on the cake’s top and sides.

8) Begin frosting the cake to achieve the vibrant rainbow finish. Use a frosting spatula to spread the frosting upward, being sure to apply it from the bottom up.

9) As a last step, decorate the cake with the headphones and previously made TikTok icons.


Below is a link to Robyn Doucette’s complete video lesson on how to make this TikTok birthday cake.

The Idea for A Tiktok Birthday Cake

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To help you choose or make the ideal birthday cake, HITC has compiled the best TikTok cake designs. See the delectable cakes below!

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