Fans are aware that the Big Three’s Kate Pearson has a lot of emotional baggage. The This Is Us character had to deal with her mother’s complex relationship, an abusive relationship, and the early death of her father.

It’s difficult to pinpoint “why” Kate develops an unhealthy relationship with food, but it’s clear that there were several factors at play that contributed to her weight increase over the years, not just one.

Kate (played by Chrissy Metz) suffers from binge eating even as an adult, and some of these issues manifest themselves in her marriage to Toby (Chris Sullivan).

For instance, Kate ultimately feels betrayed when it is revealed in Season 4 that Toby has been secretly going to the gym and has dropped a significant amount of weight.

(Toby also says he utilizes physical activity as a diversion from the pressure of raising a boy with special needs.)

Fans have questioned if either of them has worn a fat suit in that scene, as well as practically any scene that highlights Kate and/or Toby’s weight. Is it possible that Toby and Kate wear fat suits on the show given that losing weight has been a part of both of their storylines?

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In “This Is Us,” Does Kate Wear a Fat Suit?

Chris has acknowledged wearing a fat suit, but Chrissy hasn’t on This Is Us, despite being requested to wear one while she was on American Horror Story: Freak Show (Toby was actually bigger than Chris is in real life in prior seasons, so the actor had to wear a prosthetic outfit to appear bigger).

Does Chrissy Metz Wear a Bodysuit in 'This Is Us'?

Chrissy, who had recently shed 100 pounds, was “thrilled” to discover that she wasn’t big enough to play “Fat Lady” Irma Wiggles.

American Horror Story’s Chrissy

“Learning that I wasn’t big enough made me happy. In my life, it was a first. It was freeing “2014 saw Chrissy telling Yahoo. Added she, “Onscreen, I am a different physical being due to the bulky outfit. My bust measures an absurd 109 inches.

My legs cannot be crossed. My gait is distinctive. At work, there are hallways where I don’t belong. I start to perspire if it is 75 or 80 degrees outside because it feels like 100 inside the suit. All of that assisted me into character.”

However, given that Kate’s plot involves her reducing weight, it’s entirely possible that Chrissy may eventually don a prosthetics suit. Chrissy does appear to be aware that she will need to lose weight if she wants to follow Kate’s weight loss path, which she has been on from the very first episode of This Is Us, even if it isn’t included in her contract.

It wasn’t required under the contract, and if I ever used the phrase “contract,” I probably didn’t mean it in that sense. I was told that Kate will lose weight as part of her trajectory. That person and situation are clear “Chrissy spoke with PEOPLE.

Does Chrissy Metz Wear a Bodysuit in 'This Is Us'?

Chrissy claims that she is okay with dropping weight for her role and is approaching it in the same way that most actors approach any kind of physical transformation they must go through in order to convey the story of the character.

Why not find a reason other than myself to achieve a healthy weight? Actors all do that. We are adaptable. We develop as actors; you might lose weight, gain weight, alter your hair, or do anything else.

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We hope that Chrissy is prioritizing her physical and mental health and treating herself with the utmost care before the show, as losing or gaining weight for a role can be upsetting for many actors (and the majority are supervised, so they don’t drop or gain weight too soon) (it sounds like she is).

We don’t yet know which season Kate will lose the weight in, nor do we know how much she’ll lose.

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